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Down fall of Rupee directly Proportional to Trafic Jams

Started by brett_lee38, August 20, 2013, 11:47:01 AM

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Dear friends Hello, after a long time, since I was busy in my occupation I could not be able to write. Day in day out we are seeing that value of rupee is going down day by day. I was thinking for the reason and come to a firm conclusion that traffic jams in cities is very much responsible for the down fall, because the consumption of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day. Recently I visited Portugal there one of my friend took me to Fatima a place situated at 150 Km from Lisbon. When we have started our journey I was under the impression that it would take around four hours. However we reached there in just one hour fifteen minutes. I felt shocked then my friend told me that the speed of our car was 200 KM consistently in that one hour. When he was intimating me about the speed I was thinking of our country and trying to find out one road where a car can be run at 200 for one hour however I could be able to find any road in my memory geography. Now in these days when i am observing the trafic jams i am finding that here in India the distance which is coverable in an hour is around 9.5 Km in metro cities except on Sunday or other national holiday. Now please think that a country where traffic run smoothly has to spent lesser money on purchase of Petrol and the other where traffic jam is routine it has to spent more money for more petrol, and every one knows that the petrol price are to be paid in Dollar. Therefore the corruption along with traffic jam are responsible for the fall of rupee, so my request to Govt is that please take some speedy steps at war level to remove the traffic jams from the cities of India otherwise time is not far when one dollar will cast us for 100 Rs. Thank you friends for your valuable time