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Relief u/s 89(1) rectification u/s 154 and subsisting interest demand

Started by subbufca, April 11, 2019, 11:04:13 PM

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Sirs, X a lecturer in University aided college having only  Salary Income ,received salary arrears for past years uploaded his Return of Income(ROI)  for AY18-19 . Though Form 10E was given to institution, and relief was claimed in ROI . However, since Form 10E  was not uploaded in department site properly while filing his ROI, it resulted in  . Intimation and demand for tax and interest . Later,this was rectified by uploading 10E and return reprocessed .Now he has received fresh Intimation demanding the interest as per the original intimation. This appears not to be proper .Please guide (1) whether the fresh demand is proper(2) Is there any case laws /Circulars that can be cited against the demand (3) How the dmenad can be rectified.  Kindly guide       


Why the demand has come for the sake of discussion. Where is the difference between the taxpayer and the department.