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Ajay Gandhi Judgment of Apex Court

Started by Ashish kumar, January 12, 2021, 05:23:55 PM

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Ashish kumar

In this case the Apex Court has laid down certain rules regarding the transfer/ posting of the learned members of ITAT, now in these days it appears that the authority vested with the power of transfer is not following the verdict of this case. As it can be seen that many of the members have been given posting at those places where they have practiced. Why Supreme Court is not taking cognizance suo motto   


The President, ITAT shall problem orders concerning posting and switch of the contributors after approval of the Ministry indicating therein that they've been issued after approval of the equipped authority. Reproduction of all such orders shall always be advocated the Ministry. The President of India is similarly thrilled to determine that the Ministry might also problem orders of posting and transfers of Members while taking into consideration necessary