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Gabbar is back
« on: March 19, 2021, 12:22:02 PM »
Hello my friends I am back, I stopped writing against the ITAT members for the reason that I was in the que of being judicial member of ITAT, and many my well wishers advised me not to write against the Institution as it will be harmful for my appointment, however now the things are clear that new members would be appointed for fixed term, so I am least bothered about my appointment. Now my comments would start again in the same rough manner as it was when I joined the practice. I have seen that there are two types of members in ITAT one which are good for everyone one which are bad and negative for everyone, the third category is of those who are sinner, they are intellectual corrupt members they only do the cases of their known faces and rest of the cases they adjourn. My uncle who retired from CBI and has written a book on CBI also told me once upon a time that there is rule for corruption also and that is that those who are corrupt have to do the works of those also who dont have capacity to oblige them. In these days it is observed by me that the third category is emerging more and more due to which innocent assesses are suffering which is not bearable to people like me who are Yaduvanshi and belong to that class human where Lord krishna has taken birth. Lord Krishna in Geeta has categorically said that bearing injustice is also a sin. So now i will not bothered of anything and named such members openly in the social media if they wont stop following the intellectual path. In fact I am waiting for the day when my son will takeover my practice from me thereafter i will reorganize my gang and take revenge from such members who are harassing the innocent assesses. I have capacity to go to any extent for revenge but God swear I will make realize them of their sin in this life only even if they retire. One day I met Mr B.K.halder in the parking of India habitat Center and everyone knows how he was, I can say with proud that I openly abused him in front of public and told the public that he is the person who has spoiled so many cases of innocent assesses any body can verify this fact from Mr halder. In a similar manner I will teach a very good lesson to each and every one who will harass the assesses. There is no personal interest of mine as I have been given lot by my late father, in my college life also I have gone to police station many times but always come clear as i fought for innocent persons and for real cause. I have prepared a list of all such members and waiting for my son to takeover from me. I must clarify that there are so many good members in ITAT, I have seen members like Shri Vimal Gandhi before him I have argued my first case, he was strict but not intellectual corrupt. In these days even covered cases are adjourned by saying that they will remain covered even on next date of hearing without appreciating that the poor assessee will not be able to sleep till next date of hearing. Members like Shri C.L.sethi, P.k.Bansal, D.T.Grasia, I.C.Sudhir, B.P.Jain and many more (but since they are in service I cannot name them) they all are very very good members of the institution.   Before Concluding I must appreciate that the present President of the ITAT is very judicious person, soft hearted person and if he personally asked the names of such members I will tell him without any fear.