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validity of notices u/s 148A

Started by satyanveshi, April 07, 2022, 07:06:38 AM

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It is observed that public are receiving large number of notices issued u/s 148A of the IT act asking clarifications on various financial transactions entered into by the assessees before the department issuing the reopening notices u/s 148. In this connection, it is observed it is observed that the new section 148A which has come into existence with effect from 01.04.2021 and this section was governed by sec.151A. Further, the new section ie section 151A  is not activated till a notification is issued on 29.03.2022. Since, sec 151A is not activated till 29.03.2022 automatically the new section 148A is also not activated till 151A was activated ie. till 29.03.3022. Since the new section u/s 148A is dormant till 29.03.2022, whether the department can issue notices under a dormant section which was not activated till a notification is issued on 29.03.2022. accordingly, the notices issued u/s 148A before 29.03.3022 are valid in the eyes of law.

secondly, on 29.03.2022, a notification is issued u/s 151A which is enclosed ...

The above notification clearly says the notice u/s 148 should be issued in the faceless manner through automated allocation. But the notices were found to be issued by AOs without being followed the procedure of automated allocation. Under these circumstances whether the said notice issued by normal AOs without following the procedure of automatic allocation and without following faceless procedure are valid in law.