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Double standard of orders of Members

Started by Ashish kumar, July 11, 2022, 05:57:57 PM

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Ashish kumar

Recently I met one CBI officer & informed him about some members( CESAT), who are taking double views on same issue, he said a PE can be registered against such members without any approval of Home. He clarified that members of the Tribunal are not judges they are presiding officers and as per the Prevention of corruption act provisions if there is an apparent corruption then PE can be registered without any approval of Home and then if they failed to justify their action in PE FIR can be registered against them. He asked me example double yard stick, I quoted that some where the members have held that violation of principle of natural justice amounts to quashing of proceedings and somewhere they throw back the bowl in the coat of lower authorities. He suggested me to collect such orders from the web portals and asked me to make a note of such orders, then he assures me that CBI action would be taken against them definitely. I am collecting some orders from the net and then hand over these orders to the intelligence agencies. I asked him whether same procedure will be followed in respect of member of all tribunal he said yes