Analysis of Companies Act, 2013

Analysis of Companies Act 2013 By Corporate Professionals

Analysis of Companies Act 2013 Author: Corporate Professionals [CCH - A Wolters Kluwer Business]
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The Companies Act, 2013 has been a long awaited one by professional bodies and the industry. The Act promises to provide updated Company Law provisions with explicit concept of Global Practices. The book comprises of analysis prepared by team of experts having practical experience in Corporate Laws. It covers: * Key Highlights of the Companies Act, 2013 *Section wise analysis of the Act *Companies Act, 2013 v Companies Act, 1956 *Companies Act, 1956 v Companies Act, 2013 *New Concepts *Comparative view of the Chapters in the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Act, 1956 *The Companies Act 2013 – Section wise listing of Rules to be prescribed *Tabular comparative analysis of Act with Companies Act, 1956 for easy understanding *Single point reference for the Companies Act, 2013