Offences By Companies

Offences by Companies By Prashant Sharma

Offences by Companies Author: Prashant Sharma [CCH - A Wolters Kluwer Business]
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In India, a company is governed by numerous Laws of different nature. The number and nature of these Laws vary according to industry under which the Company falls. Major concern for management of a company is to avoid a situation which may expose them to litigation. This book covers a wide spectrum of issues related to offences by companies. The book seeks to analyse the remedies available to a company in the event of breach of statutory requirements by a company. A special focus has been given on liabilities of directors and other officers of a company in event of violation of different provisions under different legislations, which makes this book one of its kind with an extensive coverage of corporate, taxation, banking, labour, environment and industry specific laws. Features of the book: *Divided into 5 Parts covering around 42 Central Acts falling under Corporate Laws, Taxation Laws, Banking Laws, Labour Laws, Environment Laws and Other Industry Specific Laws. *Covers more than 1500 relevant and important judicial pronouncements related to Offences by companies. *Liability of Directors and Officers of Companies discussed in detail. *Covers Offences and Penalties in context of Companies. *Corporate Offences classified and logically structured. *Comprehensive coverage of Company related issues. *Contains general as well as special laws concerning companies. *Special emphasis on role of statutory bodies on enforcement of laws. *Extensive coverage of acts, omissions and commissions which will constitute Offences by companies and relevant Penalties for such offences.