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Message to President of ITAT Justice Bhatt

Started by brett_lee38, February 27, 2019, 09:02:39 AM

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Dear Mr President, in the capacity of executive member of the ITAT Bar and Senior Pannel Counsel of Union of India before the High Court of Delhi I hereby request you and suggest you that transfer of all the members who have spent three years at a station would be made, in order to curb the intellectual corruption, this is a suggestion keeping in view of the interest of all the innocent assesses, and if any body feels something then I am least bothered because for the good administration of justice I am ready to sacrifice my personal practice, further if any member would harm my cases then it is in no way injury to me rather a sin committed towards an innocent assessee, for which sin, there is something above all who can do the justice with such person in his own way. This step is also good for those members of ITAT who are posted at various other stations and has not got an opportunity to adjudicate the matters at big stations. It is further requested that only knowledgeable members who have knowledge of law and rated as esteemed members should be posted at Important stations, even if they have spent good time at a station earlier. Because the decisions of ITAT are appreciated and considered at International level and our image in the field of judiciary has very wide ramifications, and help in building trust among the international investors. My English may annoy many readers but they have to appreciate that I belong to backward class community.