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ITAT issues guidelines for stay of demand.

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Working of DRs in ITAT

Started by Ashish kumar, March 04, 2021, 07:41:16 PM

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Ashish kumar

I have often heard from so many DRs that ITAT is a punishment posting for them for the reasons best known to them. I would not comment on this observation. Be that as it may be, when I joined ITAT the DRs who were working here were very responsible, understanding their duties towards court, were not arguing any thing nonsense. But now in these days few DRs particularly at Delhi are useless persons they always appear in a very casual manner, wont read their files and argue the matters left right center without any basis. I am also working for Central Govt since last 15 years, I have seen their that Govt counsels wont contest those cases which are covered by the judgments. However in the ITAT I have seen that DRs are arguing just for the sake of arguments without appreciating the verdicts of Higher Forum , I have made a list of such DRs and will submit to the Chairman CBDT and Revenue Secretary, along with the copies of judgments and ask for some action against them under the relevant vigilance rules & regulations. Be that as it may be dozens of my relatives are also working in  Income Tax department I will discuss with them also how vigilance action should be initiated against such useless persons and why Govt will not give them Compulsory retirement under the provisions of section 56 of the Prevention of corruption act. I will not name here, though I can. But i will not name otherwise they would be cautioned. But the point is that why they waste time of the court. Why they wont respect the precedents of higher courts is an issue which requires consideration at higher level. In fact the ITAT members should impose cost on them directly deductible from their salaries, if they wont concede a case which is covered by the Higher Forum. With this I would end here and hope that legal lumanaries would support my views.