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ITAT issues guidelines for stay of demand.

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Interesting Complaint of DR in Delhi ITAT

Started by Ashish kumar, March 11, 2021, 02:25:34 PM

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Ashish kumar

I have come across very interesting episode of complaint by a Sr DR posted in G Bench Delhi, namely Shri Prakash Dubey. His complaint is that he dont receive any document via mail, sent by the counsels of assessee at the officials mail id given to them for virtual hearing and hence he is able to grab an adjournment in every case. When the I inquired from the ITO-ITAT- G Bench- She told that he is telling lie, she confirmed that she is delivering each and every document to him. Now only god knows that who is speaking truth, but the fact of the matter is that assessees are suffering due the adjournments. So my appeal to CBDT that enquiries may be conducted in this issue and necessary action of measure penalty should be taken against the culprit. Whoever is culprit should be punished with measure penalty. I am also sending a complaint to the chairman CBDT and Member Vigilance so that necessary inquiries would be done in this matter and  action as per vigilance laws may be taken against the real culprit. Further the members also adjourning cases conveniently ignoring the submissions of the counsel that they have mailed the documents. Some times counsels are filing the screen shot of the mail delivered. Now question arise as to why an innocent assessee would suffer due to this nuisance, as there is no fault of them. Further if the counsels are telling lie then action should be taken against them as per law, by the members.However the members should not act as mock spectators. It is injustice with poor assessees.