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requirement of tax audit

Started by sai prasad, July 11, 2011, 05:02:43 PM

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whether tax audit is required by a nonmedical man managing a nursing home

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sai prasad

a non-medical person owns a nursing home and manages the same . He accounts for collections and all the expendtiure. He pays to Doctors their share in collections. It is a professional activity that requires tax audit in the event of receipts exceeding Rs.15 lakhs.The activity is that of medical practice and the same has been done by qualified doctors. Whether it is the activity that is to be consdiered or is it the person,who is a non-medical one.please give your valuable opinion


My opinion about our question as per Income Tax Act , a professional person should hold professional qualified then he may enjoy professional status in absence of professional qualification , he will be business man. IN this case this person is doing medical Business. therefore, the will be liable for tax audit as per 44 AD. In this regard Income Tax Act,1961 is clear