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Started by Bhumin, May 25, 2012, 05:08:04 PM

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Dear All,

I Have query regarding TDS.

My client is Hospital Co.
They have to pay Sum amount to Enviro Vigil (Local Govt body) to disposse off the hazardous wastages safely.

They have to Purchase Special Bag from the EV and also has to pay Amount(Per KG) For disposal.

Now query is,

we can not deduct TDS on Purchase of Bags since it is not Expense.
But whether we have to deduct TDS on service provided by EV?

As there is no particular contract between Hospital and EV but it is mandatory for those who running these business.

Thanks And Waiting for Quick Reply,
Bhumin Mehta.

sai prasad

the local govt.body is a statutory authority and it is part of their objective and  obligation to remove garbage  and keep the environs clean. If the work is in the course of the above , it is not liable to TDS