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Krypton Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. v. ACIT (2022)93 ITR 27 (Surat)(Trib.)

S. 143(2) : Assessment-Notice Issue of notice prior to filing return of income-Order invalid. [S. 147, 148]

ACIT v. PC Jewellers Ltd. (2022) 93 ITR 244 (Delhi)(Trib.)

S. 115JB : Book profits-Computation-Expenses on initial Public Offer-Assessing Officer to consider book profits as per treatment given in finalisation of accounts.

Tata Motors Ltd. v. Dy. CIT (LTU) (2022) 93 ITR 714 (Mum.)(Trib.)

S. 115JAA : Book profit-Deemed income-Tax credit-Surcharge and cess part of Income-Tax available for adjustment against Minimum alternate tax credit. [S. 115JB]

Sandisk India Device Design Centre Pvt. Ltd. v. ITO (2022) 93 ITR 569 (Bang.)(Trib.)

S. 92C : Transfer pricing-Arm’s length price-Comparables-Companies with turnover in excess of Rs. 200 Crores-Not Comparable-Companies functionally different and those with diversified activities without segmental details not comparable–Working capital adjustment to be computed on basis of actuals without an upper limit-Matter Remanded-Reference to Transfer Pricing Officer-Limitation-Extended limitation available to Revenue. [S. 92CA, 144C, 153]

First Advantage Global Operating Centre P. Ltd. v. Dy. CIT (2022) 93 ITR 101 (Bang.)(Trib.)

S. 92C : Transfer pricing-Arm’s length price-Comparables-Data could be compared from audited accounts of companies-Working Capital adjustment-Failure to consider correct figures while Computing adjusted margin-Directed to consider correct figure. [S. 92CA, 234B]

Sas Research and Development (India) P. Ltd. v. Dy. CIT (No. 2) (2022) 93 ITR 501 (Pune)(Trib.)

S. 92C : Transfer pricing-Arm’s length price-Comparables-Companies having no segmental information or subject to extraordinary event or companies fully involved in related-party transactions-Not comparable. [S. 92CA]

Sas Research and Development (India) Pvt. Ltd. v. Dy.CIT (No. 1) (2022) 93 ITR 482 (Pune)(Trib.)

S. 92C : Transfer pricing-Arm’s length price-Arm’s Length Price-Comparables-Functionally distinct with different areas of development and services-Cannot be benchmarked-Directed to exclude two comparables and include one comparable based on appreciation of evidence. [S. 92CA]

ACIT v. Vishal Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd. (2022) 93 ITR 41 (Chd.) (Trib.)

S. 69C : Unexplained expenditure-Bogus purchases-Books of account not rejected-Identity of party established and genuineness of transactions proved-Deletion of addition is justified. [S. 145]

Sunil Mathur v. ITO (2022) 93 ITR 86 (Jaipur)(Trib.)

S. 68 : Cash credits-Cash deposit in bank-Past withdrawals-Household withdrawals explained-Addition is held to be not valid.

ACIT v. Overtop Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (2022) 93 ITR 132 (Kol.)(Trib.)

S. 68 : Cash credits-Unsecured loans-Proved identity creditworthiness and genuineness of transactions-Relying on statement of third parties without giving an opportunity of cross examinations, additions cannot be made. [S. 131]