Jagannathan Sailaja Chitta (Mrs.) v. WTO (IT) (2021) 91 ITR 17 (SN) (Chennai)(Trib.)

S. 7 : Valuation of asset-Asset sold 28 days after valuation date-Value determined at guideline value on date of sale is not proper-Valuation to be at market value on valuation date-Dispute as to extent of landholding-Matter remanded. [S. 7(1),

Held that the guideline value fixed by the stamp duty authorities was not relevant to decide the value of any asset, other than cash, as on the valuation date. The Assessing Officer has to adopt market value as on valuation date  Dispute as to extent of land holding, matter remanded to the file of the Assessing Officer to ascertain the facts. (AY. 2011-12)

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