Prashant Bhushan and another . In re ( 2021 ) 3 SCC 160

Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 .
S. 13: Contempts not punishable in certain cases – Advocates – Professional standards , ethics, and duties – Duty to avoid publicity – Judicial independence and courage – Media Trial – Trail by media – Judicial decisions cannot be influenced by opinions expressed in media . [Advocates Act ,1961 , S. 35, General Clauses Act , 1897, S. 3(22), Art, 19(1)(a) ,19(2) , 32 , 226 ]

Statutory rules prohibits  advocates from advertising . In fact , to cater to the press /media , and present distorted versions of the court proceedings is sheer misconduct and contempt of court which has became very common . Hunger for cheap publicity is increasing which is not permitted by the noble ideas cherished by the great doyens of the Bar .  Role of a lawyer is indispensable in the system of delivery justice . A lawyer is under obligation to do nothing that shall detract from the dignity of the Court . He should all times pay deferential respect to the judge , and scrupulously observe the decorum of the courtroom . His duty is to court , to hos own client , to the opposite side , and to maintain the respect of opposite party counsel also.   

Court has to decide cases as per law without taking into consideration whether it will be praised or criticized . The judges have to be well versed in laws and impartial towards friends and foes . Court has to be always ready for its fair criticism . The judges have to be impartial towards crime of voice .

Showing magnanimity , instead of imposing any severe punishment , Court  is sentencing the contemnor with a nominal fine of Rs 1 ( Rupee one )  

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