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Quote from: Ashish kumar on September 26, 2019, 07:07:29 PM
Hello friends recently I have visited USA in order to attend conference of NATP, it was a great session, I am fully amazed, observing the respect to the verdicts of Highest Judicial Fora, the lower Judicial officers pay great respect to the mycfavisit observations made by the Apex Body, they completely bow down to the guidelines, irrespective of their personal benefits. When i hung around and took a survey, I found the reason behind this respect and that is the respect to the concept of Rule of Law, Rule of law is a concept developed by AV Diecy in his book Constitution of London way back. All the legal luminaries be the judicial officers and be the practitioners, follow the concept of rule of law. It is not merely in the interest of judicial system, they said, but also in the interest of nation, since FDI in those countries would not come where there is no rule of law. For example the present position of lndia, people think that judgments of ITAT r buried only here in India but I found that each and every judgment be it on penny stock be it on section 68, be it on transfer pricing have been analyzed at length by the in house legal brains of the Foreign players who explore the environment of a state before investing in that state, in fact i got a shock of 440 Volt when I found that are watching the transfer and posting of members at Important stations tellgamestop. One of them shown me the data of last 10 years transfer of posting and also the judgment of Ajay Gandhi. I was surprised to see this minuscule research of the professionals of foreign investors. They openly said why one would invest in such a country where there is no respect of rule of law, as ultimately the investor would suffer and incur losses. Similarly there are so many other things they have shown to me which would when confront to the Govt of India here then a chaotic situation may arise. They really appreciate the ITAT Bar of Bombay which a Committee of Ethics.   

Yes it is applicable. As the section 50C speaks of transfer. transfer from one person to another person. Here in the case cited, the transfer is from coperative society to its member. both are distinct and separate persons as per incometax Act. Therefore, sec 50C is applicable.