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Guide for successful Mediation
« on: April 07, 2013, 05:41:06 PM »
Improving Negotiation Skills for successful Mediation
"A negotiation is an interactive communication process that may take place whenever we want something from someone else or another person wants something from us."1
"Take it or leave it!" "This proposal is non-negotiable." "Don't ask me to go back to my client on this. This is all we are going to do." "This is it. If you don't want to accept it at that price, forget it." "Negotiating with you is a waste of time. We'll see you at the courthouse!" How do you feel when you hear statements like this? How do you feel when people are belligerent; when they hang up on you, literally or figuratively; when they let you know that they do not want to have a dialogue with you about such ethereal subjects as your needs, interests, or concerns about a proposal or a transaction?
If you react negatively to ultimatums, inflexibility, and statements like those in the preceding paragraph, you may come to the realization that other people feel the same way. Unless you are in the military, or subject to some similar hierarchical organization, you will conclude that, if you want to have a relationship with the party on the other side of the table or the other end of the phone, you must negotiate. Negotiation is unavoidable.


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Re: Guide for successful Mediation
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Dear Shri bpagarwal,

You have been sharing nice infomration with us and I thank you for the same. However, I request you to confine the same only to direct taxes as this forum is mainly for that purpose. What happens is the question of direct taxes raised by members lose sight of the others due to many posts on other subjects and the queriest do not get solutions of their query. This is unwarranted situation as far as the objective of this forum is concerned. Person like me try to get answers of questions through discussion with others and also try to solve queries of others if posible on our part. So it is desirable that queries/issues of only direct taxes are posted and their solutions are obtained through discussion with other members across the country. This is my humble request to you with an urge not to misunderstand me. Thank you.