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Started by vsaiyar, July 18, 2013, 09:02:37 AM

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Pursuant to the Delhi High Court judgement in "Court on its own" many circulars and instructions have been issued by the Board.  Unfortunately the instrructions and circulars do not percolate to the level of Assessing Officers and even if it reaches the Officers they do not implement it without incentives.  There appears to be lack of leadership in the senior officers and the juniors are not holden to them.  In the result one may make any number of rectification applications.  The applications are received in tapal, and then thrown into a dump of the concerned officer.  No rectification is maintained nor the applications are disposed off by the Officerwithin the stipulated time.  One may complain to the Commissioner, but to no avail instead it complicates the matter. 

Though the office timing is between 9.30 to 6.00 no one comes to the office except the Daftar Band before 11.30 and no one is available in the office during 1.00 to 2.30 allegedly the lunch time.  There is no one in the office after 5.00 p.m.  This is how the Department works and there is no one to enforce discipline.  There is total failure of governance.


Do we think the judgement of High court has made department more accountable. until and unless a accountable system of goverance is not followed in this country , there will be goonda raj everywhere.Is AO accountable for making baseless additions which he hmself knows will not stand the test of appellate authorities. but just to fullfill his targets , he makes additions. I sometime very disturbed. The government is playing on numbers. Every departments are being given targets. ACB/CBI to arrest these minimum numbers of people. traffic police to collect this amount of fine. what was the basic purpose of ACB/CBI. if governments allots them targets and agency is able to achieved that , it shows the whole purpose of establishing that agency has failed. Whether the traffic police was for regulating traffica nd making citizens more aware about traffic rules or collecting fine.\? if traffic police publishes in anewspaper that this month it collect so much amount as fine , i think it has failed in its duty/basic purpose for it was establlished.