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Order of set off of loss

Started by sujittalukder, June 28, 2015, 09:30:58 PM

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Dear Experts,

The Income for the FY 2014-15 is as under-

Loss from Business = -1,00,000

Deemed short term capital gain u/s 50 on depreciable asset = 2,00,000

Income from other sources  (forfeiture of advance money against capital asset)  = 40,000

The query is - What should be the order of set-off?

I want to set off as follows-

Loss from Business = -1,00,000

Income from other sources = 40,000

Remaining loss = -60,000

Capital gain u/s 50 = 2,00,000

Balance represents income as Capital gains = 1,40,000

Is the set off order correct? Or, Capital gain is first required to be adjusted with Capital gains and then IFOS.

Please guide.


assessee can claim set off according to his priority ,i.e whatever beneficial to him.