Author Topic: Four important legal queries answered  (Read 4105 times)

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Four important legal queries answered
« on: April 29, 2020, 09:28:20 PM »             

 Visit the link above to find answer to the following queries-       

 a) Can the view taken by the AO  be considered to be erroneous when the AO had failed to make inquiries during assessment proceedings though the issues raised by the CIT during sec 263 proceedings are covered by  the decision of the Supreme Court ?

b) Where the AO found that books of account were not properly maintained, can he make pin pointed additions u/s 68/69 etc and not reject books  to avoid making a lower estimated G.P addition ?

c) Can the  assessee being a body corporate claim establishment expenses despite having no business activity ?

d) Where the assessee has not offered capital gains to tax in the year of signing of agreement to sale , can the same be charged to tax in the year of registration of sale deed ?
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