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Lawyers or Rowdies?

Started by ashutosh majumdar, June 27, 2010, 11:30:27 AM

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ashutosh majumdar

I have come to conclusion that CAs are defintely more genteel and gentlemanly than lawyers.

See the Press repoer in DNA on rampage caused by Lawyers in Hon'ble Calcutta High Court.

QuoteCalcutta high court advocates go on the rampage

A group of senior advocates of Calcutta high court (HC) on Friday vandalised the courtroom of the chief justice, Mohit Shah, in protest against the forceful eviction of advocates by the police from a courtroom late on Thursday night. The agitated lawyers broke window panes and furniture.

The dispute arose on Thursday following a decision of Shah to allot a particular courtroom to an assistant court officer. The advocates, under the umbrella of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association, were upset since they have been demanding additional rooms to use as offices.

The lawyers started picketing at a particular room in the court on Thursday. When they refused to vacate the room even late at night, the police forcefully evicted them. On Friday, angry lawyers began protesting, and a large crowd gathered. Soon a mob descended upon the chief justice's room and vandalised it. Regular court functioning was badly hampered through the day.

The lawyers have demanded an apology from Shah and his ouster as chief justice from the Calcutta HC.

Ironically, Shah was already on his way out on Friday, having left for the Bombay HC where he is scheduled to take over as chief justice. He will be replaced by Bombay HC justice JN Patel, well known for conducting the 1993 serial blasts trial.

In fact, Shah's transfer was announced way back in April. Now, however, there is a fear in legal circles that the agitating lawyers' in Kolkata might see his departure as their victory.

This latest agitation follows a series of other similar agitations by lawyers across the country, forcing a pained Supreme Court to comment: "The role of the bar all over the country needs a fresh look."

Even earlier, Hon'ble Lawyers had go on strike in Chennai and caused havoc.


 Mr Majumdar your this conculsion  "have come to conclusion that CAs are defintely more genteel and gentlemanly than lawyers" and publication of the same on the net is sufficent to file suit of  criminal defamation against you so be care full before commenting on any one. Its my advise as a collegue.   


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