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what is correct law now?

Started by CA_Ramesh, December 19, 2007, 05:46:27 PM

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I am a little confused on the correct position of the law in the light of Galileo, SET Sattellite, Morgan Stanley & Rolls Royce. So many judgements on the issue of PE and attribution of profits and yet there seems to be no common theme between them. Has anyone made a study of these judgements and would you care to set out what is the prevalent position. I think it will be useful to all of us.

Thanks in advance,

CA Ramesh.


There's an article on the subject of Galileo here (http://www.itatonline.org/articles2/galileo_1.php) where the author has tried to put some issues into perspective. I agree with you though that the scenario is very murky and it will take a very authoritative ruling to clear the field. When that will happen is anybody's guess. I guess we will have to live with the uncertainty till then.