Standardized Format for Adjournment Applications before Authorities: Ensuring Clarity, Compliance, and Efficiency

By CA Milind Wadhwani

Executive Summary

A format for adjournment application before authorities is essential to ensure clarity, consistency, and compliance with legal requirements. It provides a structured framework for presenting the necessary information, including the case title, case citation number, case particulars and grounds for adjournment. By using a standardized format, the application becomes clear, concise, and easy to understand, allowing the tax authorities to review the request efficiently. Additionally, having a format saves time and reduces the chances of missing important details. Overall, a format for adjournment application facilitates a smoother and more organized process before authorities.

[Name of the Authority]
[Address of the Authority]
Subject: Application for Adjournment – Case No. [Case Citation Number] – [Case Particulars]

Respected [Presiding Officer],

I, [Your Name], as the authorized representative for [Your Client/Company Name], am writing to submit an application for adjournment in the aforementioned case currently being heard in [Name of Authority], presided over by [Presiding Officer] in [District]. I humbly request the authority’s consideration of this application and grant of an adjournment.
Details of the Application:

Cause Title: [Name of Authority], [District] Case No. [Case Citation Number]

[Case Particulars: “IN RE: ABC vs. XYZ”]
Adjournment Application [Application Number] in [Case Number] of [Year].

Heading of Application: “Application filed for adjournment of the case to a future date on grounds of unavoidable circumstances & for other incidental reliefs.”


Summary of the Application: [Briefly summarize the purpose and importance of the adjournment request].

Last and Next Hearing: The last hearing took place on [Date], and the next hearing is scheduled for [Date].

Grounds for Adjournment: Due to [Specify the specific and unavoidable circumstances, such as the main counsel is being unable to appear due to viral fever], we are compelled to file this application for adjournment.

Statement of Unavoidable Intent
: The adjournment sought is not made with any mala fide intent but due to the genuine and unforeseen circumstances mentioned above.

Consequence of Denial: If the application for adjournment is denied, it will have adverse consequences on the proceedings and may affect the rights and interests of our client.

Cost Payment Statement: We affirm our commitment to comply with any costs directed by the authority, should our application be denied and such costs be awarded to the opposing party.

Verification: I verify that the facts stated in this application are known to me personally and derived from the records of the case.

Prayer: We respectfully request the authority to grant an adjournment.

We understand the significance of the authority’s time and assure you that this adjournment request is made in light of the circumstances that prevent the proper representation of our client’s interests. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding of our need for additional time to prepare adequately.

We kindly request the authority’s favorable consideration of this application for adjournment. Your assistance in granting the adjournment will contribute to ensuring a fair and just proceeding in this case.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We await your positive response.
[Your Name]
[Your Designation]
[Your Firm’s Name]
[Contact Information]

About the Author: CA Milind Wadhwani DISA(ICAI), FAFD(ICAI), CCCA(ICAI), Research(Phd.) Scholar

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Posted on: June 3rd, 2023

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  1. CS Riddhima Gupta says:

    I commend the formal structure of your letter, which should facilitate a straightforward request for an adjournment to the relevant authority.

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