Transfers Of Hon’ble ITAT Members (23rd March 2023)

Posted on: March 27th, 2023

Pursuant to the consultations with the two senior most Vice Presidents, the following Members are hereby transferred in the same capacity to the respective Benches as mentioned below, on account of administrative exigencies and in public interest, w.e.f. 03.04.2023 (F/N) :-

S. No Name of Hon’ble Members Present place of posting Transferred to
1 Smt. Diva Singh, JM Chandigarh Delhi
2 Shri Sanjay Arora, AM Jabalpur Cochin
3 Shri Vijay Pal Rao, JM Allahabad Indore
4 Shri M. Balaganesh, AM Mumbai Delhi
5 Shri Sudhanshu Srivastava, JM Chandigarh Lucknow
6 Shri Narender Kumar Chaudhry, JM Delhi Mumbai
7 Shri Anadee Nath Misshra, AM Delhi Lucknow
8 Ms. Padmavathy S. AM Bangalore Mumbai
9 Shri Arun Khodpia, AM Cuttack Raipur
10 Shri Manomohan Das, JM Jabalpur Chennai

We wish the Hon’ble Members good luck in their new postings.



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