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Subject: Case of fraud committed by a government employee
Querist: Baljeet
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Date: January 30, 2024
Query asked by Baljeet

Sir, I had sent two letters worth Rs 22 + 22 = Rs 44 through post office on 30/01/2023 by registered post in which I had made online payment but the postal department employee said that the payment was not made and asked for cash payment. He took Rs 88 and also said that if the money has been deducted from your account then it will be returned within 24 hours. But after 24 hours the money did not come, so when I went to the post office to collect the remaining Rs 44, the said employee told me that he would return in 10 days. After 10 days when I went to take the money then he said that we do not know anything about this and we do not recognize you. We won’t give you any money. Then I complained to the post office. But no solution was found. I was charged Rs 88 instead of Rs 44. I continued to be harassed for almost a year. But I could not get my Rs 44 back. All I had in my mind was why I am double charged. Then when I asked for information about payment mode from RTI, I was told that the payment mode was cash. But there is a record of sending payment from my phone through Google Pay to the account of department of posts. Thousands of rupees were spent in my attempt to get 44 rupees. Everyone calls me an idiot. But I still feel pain that double the money was wrongly taken from me and I was defrauded. A lot of harassment happened to me. I have some questions in my mind whose answers I want to know. Please try to provide answers to my questions. I will be grateful to you.


Question: Can I go to court for Rs 44?


Question: Will I have to go to consumer court?


Question: Will I get the expenses incurred to get Rs 44 from the court?

Question : Does my case fall under the category of fraud?

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You have a fundamental right to approach the Court. Constitution of India , gives right to every citizen of India to approach High Court .You may file a writ before the High Court . You may not get the reimbursement of expenses incurred . Whether the case fall under the category of fraud , is a question of fact , which the court has to decide considering all the facts .

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One comment on “Case of fraud committed by a government employee
  1. BS says:

    Same instance happened with my client .
    In his case money was refunded back because there was system failure when amount was debited earlier and he had taken cash receipt for second payment ,

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