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Revision—Erroneous and prejudicial order—Lack of proper enquiry vis-a-vis assessment of additional income as business income—During the course of survey under s. 133A assessee’s husband admitted unrecorded income in the case of his wife i.e., assessee which was stated to be advances made for property in the course of her real estate business—Unrecorded trade advances and cash in hand were brought in the books of accounts and formed part of business assets and thereafter used in day-to-day business activities—Questions which were raised and the answers given during the survey show that the additional income declared on account of advances and the cash found emanated from and related to the real estate business only—Even the Principal CIT has admitted in the impugned order that this income pertains to recovery of cash amounts of advances made by the assessee to the other persons for purchase of land/plots—Undisputedly the assessee is engaged in the real estate business and there is no undisclosed or unknown source of income and the source of additional income so admitted is clearly identifiable and is the regular business of real estate—Since the additional income is related to the real estate business it is certainly assessable as business income and cannot be considered as income falling under s. 68/69A—AO having applied his mind in accepting the said additional income as business income, there was no error in the assessment order—Thus, the Principal CIT was not justified in expecting the AO to apply s. 115BBE as also s. 271AAC by merely imposing and substituting his own opinion, which is not the legislative intent even behind Expln. 2(a) to s. 263—Further, merely because the assessee has taken a mistaken view of the correct legal position by wrongly showing such additional income under head income from other sources in her return, the same cannot be taken as an admission as there is no estoppel against statute—Therefore, Principal CIT was not justified in invoking the provisions of s. 263 by wrongly holding that the assessment order under s. 143(3) was passed without considering that the additional income fell under the purview of ss. 68 and 69 and that tax was chargeable under s. 115BBE as against normal rates—Hence, the proceedings initiated under s. 263 and the impugned order are quashed

Section(s): 263
Counsel(s): Adv. Mahendra Gargieya
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Date of upload: December 2, 2022

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