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Discussion / Disposal of Appeal
November 06, 2013, 06:52:42 AM
Dear Professional Collegues,
During the course of hearing (in Sept 2013) in one of my cases before CIT (A), I had cited 6/7 non jurisdictional tribunals' decisions in my favour & had also cited one jurisdictional tribunal's decision in my favour - which was delivered in Apr 2013.

Hon'ble CIT (A) also cited before me one more decision of jurisdictional tribunal delivered in Aug 2013 which was in my favour & also told me orally that I had a strong case.

However at the time of passing order, CIT (A) cited a decision of the same jurisidictional tribunal which was not in my favour & was delivered in May 2013 & dismissed my appeal by disallwoing my claim. This decision is still not available in the public domain - on the site of ITAT.

Further as a matter of fact - there were 3/4 other decisions of the same jurisidictional tribunal delivered between Apr 2013 to Sep 2013 - which were in my favour (- & are now available on ITAT website) but were not known to me at the time of hearing.

My Query - Was the CIT-A right in doing so? Are there any chances of success if I file Sec 154 application before the said Authority? OR shall I straightway approach the ITAT only?