Month: October 2013

The Advance Pricing Agreement Scheme (APA), which was notified on 30.08.2013, presents a steep learning curve for the taxpayers and the revenue though it has been in operation in other countries for several years. The authors have, after deep study of the Indian law and that prevailing in other Countries, identified all the complexities in the Scheme and suggested measures to resolve them

S. 43CA: Tax Implications On Builders And Real Estate Developers Dr. (CA) Raj K. Agarwal & Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Advocate S. 43CA, which provides that the profits on transfer of immovable property held as stock-in-trade shall be computed on the …

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Hon’ble Shri. H. L. Karwa, President of the Tribunal, reminds all of us that character is the professional’s greatest asset. A professional is expected to have high moral character and that is why Courts implicitly trust a professional’s word. The professional is expected to reciprocate the trust by conducting himself in a dignified manner. He cautions us that professionals must be careful never to betray that trust, even unknowingly

Hon’ble D. Manmohan, a veteran at the Bar and the Bench, shares some invaluable tips on how young professionals should argue matters in Court and become better advocates. Sincerity to the Court & the client, mastery over the facts and the law, an ability to word hard and tirelessly and a never-say-die attitude are necessary attributes for success in the legal profession says the learned Judge

In a short but succinct article, the author has dealt with the controversial topic whether stake money received by jockeys is liable for TDS or not. After thorough research and a systematic study of sections 194BB and 194J of the Act, the author has drawn the conclusion that there is no present obligation to deduct tax on these payments

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