Month: February 2016

CA Prarthana Jalan has pictorially described assessment proceedings as a “seeds of litigation plant“. She has offered detailed and valuable step-by-step guidance on how assessment proceedings should be handled and what documentation should be kept and checked by the taxpayer so that the taxpayer can ensure that he is not saddled with a high-pitched or arbitrary assessment order

CA Dr Arpit Haldia has explained that legal documents like written submissions, applications and petitions have to be precisely drafted so that the persons reading them are able to extract the information contained therein and arrive at a decision. He has given several valuable tips on how such documents should be drafted so that the points contained therein are stated clearly and unambiguously

Advocate Rahul R. Sarda, Advocate has meticulously explained the entire procedure for filing appeals before the CIT(A) and drafting applications for stay of demand. The author has also prepared a check-list of issues that require to be borne in mind to ensure that nothing important is left for the last minute. He has also made extensive reference to all the important judgements which have a bearing on the subject matter. The Guide will prove invaluable to all taxpayers and tax professionals

Chirag Wadhwa has analyzed the raging controversy as to whether a foreign company is liable to furnish a return of its income under section 139(1) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 even though its income is admittedly not chargeable to tax. …

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