Month: August 2019

Advocates Neelam Jadhav & Sashank Dundu of KSA Legal Chambers have prepared a wiki guide on the law under section 14A and Rule 8D relating to disallowance of expenditure incurred for earning tax-free income. The authors have identified in a systematic manner the various controversies which have arisen and also provided ciatations of all important judgements. The authors have assured that the Wiki Guide will be updated on a regular basis so that taxpayers and professionals have access to the updated law at all times. A pdf version of the Guide is also available for download

The research team of AIFTP Journal Committee and KSA Legal Chambers have prepared a comprehensive digest of all important judgements delivered in the period from January to December 2018. The judgements are sorted section-wise and topic-wise and are accompanied with a crisp summary which provides the precise ratio of each judgement. The Digest will prove invaluable to busy tax professionals and taxpayers

Sr. Advocate Firoze Andhyarujina has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the various provisions in the Income-tax Act relating to eradication of Black Money. He has focused on the menance of bogus share capital/ premium and bogus capital gains through penny stocks. He has also explained the impact of GAAR on these transactions. All the important judgements on the subject have been referenced