Month: May 2012

Analysis of three important judgements (November 2011 to May 2012)

No practitioner can afford to be unaware of latest judgements & whether experts view the judgement as being right or wrong. Towards that end, the author has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to make an analysis of landmark judgements every quarter. In this part, the author has identified three landmark judgements analyzed them with a critical eye and identified their strengths & shortcomings

The Law Of Tax Recovery: Recent Important Case Laws

The authors have carefully analyzed all the recent landmark judgements on the law of tax recovery and identified their core points. The authors have also given invaluable advice on the points that an assessee must emphasize in the stay application so that his case falls within the ratio of the case laws and he can get a complete stay on recovery of the demand

Why Vodafone Retrospective Law Is Not Disrespect To Supreme Court: FM

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee delivered a speech yesterday in the Rajya Sabha in which he cleared the air on the retrospective amendments to nullify the verdict of the Supreme Court in the Vodafone case. The Government was not being disrespectful or confrontational with the Supreme Court, he said & added that if the Government had not taken the proactive stand, the consequences would have been draconian for the Country

Dear Pranabda, Save India’s Honour & Withdraw GAAR & Vodafone Law

Noted economist Bibek Debroy argues that GAAR and the Vodafone retrospective amendments send a “perverse signal” and are a “terrible” idea. He says the proposals create great uncertainty, subjectivity and non-transparency which does not auger well for India as an investment destination. He urges the Finance Minister to admit his mistake and do a honourable strategic retreat before it is too late

Why We Couldn’t Have Let Vodafone Get Away Without Paying Taxes: FM

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee delivered a fiery speech in Parliament yesterday in which he explained the rationale behind the Government’s resolve to tax Vodafone despite the Supreme Court’s verdict. He made out a strong case on why the Supreme Court’s verdict was against the rule of law & argued that if the UK could enact a 21 year retrospective law, India was not an “inferior” Country to be not entitled to do the same

Why the Vodafone Retrospective Law Will Ruin India: Harish Salve

Eminent Senior Advocate Harish Salve, the principal architect behind Vodafone’s spectacular success in the Supreme Court, has sent out a powerful emotive appeal that the retrospective amendments proposed in the Finance Bill 2012 to nullify the judgement of the Supreme Court and several other verdicts will malign India’s image in the minds of its citizens and foreign investors


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