How Can Young Professionals Become Successful In Practice? Top Lawyers Reveal Secrets

Leading lawyers like Rafique Dada, Janak Dwarkasdas, Aspi Chinoy and Dr. K. Shivaram have explained the steps that young professionals should take to help them get recognition amongst the fellow professionals, tax administration and also from the judiciary.

(Art of advocacy by Mr. Janak Dwarkadas Senior Advocate)

(Struggle to success by Rafique Dada, Senior Advocate)

(Talk by Aspi Chinoy, Senior Advocate)

Dr. K. Shivaram, Senior Advocate and editor in Chief of the AIFTP journal for more than 24 years, in his editorial for the month of the December 2018 has made an appeal to young professionals to develop the skill of witting articles which will help them to get recognition amongst the fellow professionals, tax administration and also from the judiciary

Gist of the editorial is published for the benefit of readers which will motivate young professionals to develop the skill of writings.

-It is my conviction that writing articles on various subjects helps young professionals to get recognition amongst the other professionals, tax administration and also from the judiciary

–The skill of writing on technical subjects is an invaluable tool in the hands of a professional when he gets elevated to the Bench of a court or is appointed as member of a Tribunal.

It also empowers a spirit of research and patience that can assist him in preparing for academia and in getting published in due course of time. I therefore appeal to young professionals to develop the skill of writing articles as an essential professional skill.

-When the AIFTP filed the PIL before Bombay High Court challenging the voluntary disclosure scheme, the Revenue authorities had annexed the editorial of the AIFTP to oppose the petition.

– The editorial of AIFTP has been annexed to the PIL filed before the Supreme Court for filing up the vacancies of Vice-Presidents of the ITAT.

– The Late Justice Mr. S. H. Kapadia, former Chief Justice of India was a regular reader of the AIFTP journal.

When he was elevated as the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court, he called us and issued a cheque for the subscription to AIFTP Journal with the request that the journal may be sent to his new address.

When he was elevated to Supreme Court, if for any reason the journal did not reach his office, his office used to place a telephonic call to the Office of the AIFTP and obtain the issue of the journal. Even after his retirement he had his subscription changes to his new address so that he could read the journal regularly.

– The Hon’ble Justice Mr. Anil R. Dave, former judge of the Supreme Court, while addressing the national conference at Hyderabad had praised the quarterly digest of case laws published by the AIFTP.

– The Quarterly digest of the case laws as published by the AIFTP involves a research team of more than 15 young professionals and digests all important case laws. Due to constraint on the number of pages, all the cases are not published in the journal, however even the cases that are not included in the said digest are published on the website of along with the yearly digest of case laws.

The online digest can downloaded in PDF format. All case laws digested since 2003 upto October 2018 are available on the website for the benefit of tax professionals as well as the public at large. According to me, the quarterly digest of case laws in a section-wise format done by the AIFTP team on honorary basis, is one of the greatest service rendered to the tax professionals by the AIFTP.

-I am making an appeal to all the young professionals that they must develop the skill of writing articles. In addition to the benefits already enumerated, the publications by an Advocate has now been laid down as one of the consideration for the conferring of the designation as a ‘Senior Advocate’ by the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay. The AIFTP and encourages the young professionals to write articles and also compile publications.

(Source: AIFTPJ December 2018 )

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  1. Kinjal says:

    How can we contribute to the AIFTP quarterly case law digest?

  2. Nem Singh says:

    Great knowledgeable work to learn.

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