Month: March 2012

The Negative List Taxation introduced by the Finance Bill 2012 substantially reinvents the law on Service Tax and will have a deep impact on service transactions. The authors, well known experts in the field of service-tax, have meticulously studied the entire law on the subject and have explained the implications of the proposed amendments in a succinct and clear manner

The author is upset at the recent judgement of the Supreme Court in Post Master vs. Living Media India that if the department delays filing an appeal without sufficient cause, the appeal has to be dismissed to “teach the department a lesson“. This amounts to punishing innocent citizens for the incompetence of one officer says the author. Instead, the incompetent officer(s) should be made to pay costs from his pocket to “teach him a lesson” rather than to dismiss the appeal and prejudice innocent citizens, argues the author

What was in the realm of fantasy till yesterday is now in the realm of reality thanks to the forward-looking approach adopted by the Tribunal. The Tribunal, grappling with the paucity of Members and the increasing case load, is contemplating setting up E-Courts/ E-Benches to solve the problem. The author makes suggestions on how the concept should be implemented to make it a grand success