Month: February 2010

However, the larger issue that still remains to be addressed is the gross negligence by the department in filing appeals to the High Court. It is common experience that even in matters involving huge revenue implications, appeals are routinely filed after a gross delay. The delay is not just a few days or weeks but several months and even years! Several appeals are dismissed because the officer concerned cannot even think of reasons to justify the delay on his part. Imagine the loss to the public exchequer!

Finance Bill 2010: Judgement of the Supreme Court in Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries 288 ITR 408 superseded by the Explanation to section 9 (1) (vii)

The author is full of appreciation at the stellar roles played by the ITAT and the Bombay High Court in reducing arrears. He argues that the dwindling pendency of matters has rendered the concept of the NTT redundant. He makes out a strong case for increasing the role of the ITAT by making non-appeallable orders appeallable to the ITAT