Month: July 2011

Get up to speed with the latest developments in the World of Tax. This week, the author wonders whether it is time to write an obituary for the DRP. Also another body-blow on the reopening front should shake the Babus of Aaykar Bhavan out of their reverie. And yes, don’t forget to tighten your seat belt because the CBDT Chairman’s missive on recovery might just prompt the AO to demand that you pay up that long outstanding arrear

The author trains his guns again on the proposed National Tax Tribunal and makes out a compelling case on why it should never be implemented. Instead, a different approach is required to solve the problems of delay and cost in justice delivery says the author. The ten-point agenda formulated by the author will, if implemented in true earnest, deliver us the Nirvana of “Sulabh Nyay Satvar Nyay” (Simple justice, Speedy justice) assures the author

The author argues that the adverse outcome of the Aditya Birla Nuvo matter was the result of shoddy drafting of the JV agreements by AT&T’s lawyers which the department’s lawyers exploited to the hilt. But its too early to write an obituary for the India-Mauritius DTAA says the author