Month: April 2011

The author raises the seminal question as to why, while the Tribunal has all the trappings of a Court, does it not have the power to punish for contempt. He cautions lower authorities that the lack of contempt power is no reason for not following the binding judgements of the Tribunal. He also makes a fervent plea to all practitioners to uphold the honour & dignity of the great Institution

Despite vehement protests by the legal fraternity, service-tax on legal consultancy services has become a reality. The author, an eminent expert in service-tax law, has prepared this Guide to bail out bewildered lawyers wondering how to comply with their newly-imposed service-tax obligation. A pdf copy of the Guide is available for download

he author argues that the verdict of the Special Bench in Tata Communications vs. DCIT that stay of demand can be extended by the Tribunal beyond 365 days is the result of inept handling by the department. He calls the situation a “fiasco” for the department and dishes out advice on what can be done to remedy the situation