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DATE: July 13, 2015 (Date of pronouncement)
DATE: July 15, 2015 (Date of publication)
AY: 2008-09
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S. 10(23C) (iiiab): Law on treating an educational institution as running with a profit motive and treating the donations received by it as “capitation fee” on the basis of the allegation of the persons who have made the said donation explained

None of the persons who have deposed against the assessee by stating that they had given donation for the purpose of getting admission has complained to the Government for any such violation by the society. It is also to be noted that those persons have filled up the requisite proforma stating that they have given donation to the assessee voluntarily and not for seeking admission. Even some of them claimed deduction u/s.80G, a fact stated by the assessee and not controverted by the Departmental Representative. Therefore, changing the stands after their wards completed their education from the institutions run by the assessee trust are contradictory