Anna Hazare’s one little finger is enough …..

Shri. Anant Pai

Anna Hazare’s one little finger is enough …..

CA Anant N. Pai

The author, while complimenting Anna Hazare for his crusade against corruption and expressing unconditional support, questions whether going on a fast is the only way to get the Government to listen to popular demand. A progressive society like ours should develop better methods to determine public opinion says the author

You do not require a magic wand to combat corruption. One little finger raised by Anna Hazare is enough. The seventy four year old Gandhian showed the nation how purity of thought integrated in to right action can bring down a tyrant government to its heels.

The State machinery put this man in jail and ended up self locking themselves by their own misdoings. They did not want to give him public space to hold his peaceful rally for more than three days and set a cap for 5000 campaigners. And now, they are hastily cleaning a public ground themselves to make it fit for his rally for fifteen days without any limit set for the participants.

The Government has clearly put its foot in its own mouth. None of the legal luminaries in the government spokesmen could convince the common man on the street that power to determine a law rested only with the legislators and that the common man has no say there. Arvind Kejriwal, the RTI activist and Anna’s associate, speaking on behalf of the civil society, spelt out in clear terms that it was never their demand that only their model of the Lok Pal Bill should be passed in the Legislature.

None of the legal luminaries in the government spokesmen could convince the common man on the street that power to determine a law rested only with the legislators and that the common man has no say there

On the contrary, their demand was that their draft of the Bill should also be presented in the Legislature for consideration as well. Ironically, none of opposition parties even ventured to introduce a private bill on Team Anna’s model though they vehemently opposed the treatment meted by the Government to Anna and his fellow campaigners. Their support for Anna was therefore superficial concealing it the only a hidden one point agenda- to bring government down rather than support Anna’s cause.

Anna is now on his fast. Across the length and breadth of this vast nation, there is presently no better and adorable leader than Anna. His integrity is unimpeachable.

All of us therefore unconditionally stand by him.

… is the Gandhian way of protesting by fasting the only way we can bring a people’s mandate in to a making? Do we have to fast while the corrupt politicians eat and belch? What happens if one of us dies on account of fasting?

But, assuming that he will succeed in achieving his purpose; several questions still crops up in our minds? Firstly, is the Gandhian way of protesting by fasting the only way we can bring a people’s mandate in to a making? Do we have to fast while the corrupt politicians eat and belch? What happens if one of us dies on account of fasting? As a progressive society, is there no way by which we can think of protesting in a better way than fasting and still achieve our ends? These are the questions we should also be asking ourselves. And by asking these questions, we are not committing any disrespect to our heroes – either Gandhi or Hazare.

Can we not have ballots conducted by independent NGOs agencies in which every protestor can cast his vote for Anna Lok Pal Bill in electronic counting machines under closed circuit camera surveillance and full television media coverage to the public eye with same safeguard measures against misuse of multiple voting as in the ballots in general and state elections ? This voting will also conclusively indicate the extent of people behind Anna and show to the ‘doubting Thomas’ Government that he properly represents the masses and his demands constitutes the mandate of the people. This ballot will be addition to demonstrations held on the streets and grounds – but with a difference. We will eat adequately and participate more strongly in the demonstrations. Believe me, when the corrupt politicians see this phenomenon, food will not go down their throats in fear and it is they who will starve while we eat heartily. Till we see this sunny day, happy fasting.

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  1. Thanks for Sharing your thoughts.The Anna Hazare , Arvind Kejariwal this are peoples on whom the whole nation put you are absolutely correct that even a small fingure also well enough for the Government.

  2. Open letter to Ford Foundation and Arvind Kejriwal on charge of US bankrolling anti-corruption agitation

    Business Standard published this morning an interview with Arvind Kejriwal and Steven Solnick, India country Rep of Ford Foundation in an article titled Claims that Hazare’s movement is US-funded baseless: Arvind.

    They confirmed Arundhati Roy’s charge that Kabir, a Kerjiwal NGO received $ 400,000 during the last 3 years as funding from Ford Foundation. On the broader allegations whether the US steamrolled the Anna Hazare anti-corruption agitation, they drove themselves further to a corner. We send them an open letter as a reaction to their interview.

    Read more:

  3. veeramani says:

    Fasting is prescribed by all regligions and it is for purposes of cleaning the body and mind. Each individual is inseparable from the society and when one fasts it cleanses the society. Death is not scary as Anna said one day everyone has to die and if the death happens for the good of the society it is all the more better.

    If the parliamentary system has become nonrepresentative of the people – read the papers regarding elections in Goa, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh etc. where electorate is bought or forced to vote for one the other – and take into consideration the per centage of votes required to get elected – roughly 60% eligible voters vote and the votes are divided and if one needs 50% of this 60% one requires 30% of the eligible votes to win – is he representative of the constituency.

    The parliament is today hijacked by few individuals and these individuals would not like a strong Lokpal Bill unless their mind set is changed from greed to magnanimity, from injustice to justice, from falsehood to truth. This can be achieved only by Satyagraha. One cannot either reason or educate them.

  4. I heartily support the Anna Movement. If the top cadre of the country is willing to get rid off corruption, it will not take more than one month. Just try to follow MCA, every one can understand how fast it can be.
    Everything should be made transparent and online. Every thing shall fall in line.

  5. Murthy DVSN says:

    I fully support the cause of ANNA only on the issue of Strong Lokpal bill and his agitation against a corruption free society. But recently the supporters of anna are extending their arms to farmers issue and other aspects which one may not appreciate. If this sort of extenstions continue the original issue of lok pal bill will be side tracked and ultimately anna him self will not have any control over the actual subject. The way anna is fighting is to be appreciated by one and all in the civil society. It is unfortunate that the government is just trying to make some statement through the immeture people and ministers to speak some thing which is not appreciable by a common man. After all the UPA mininsters and MP should note that, they came into power with the votes casted by the common man only. They may have to pay a heafty penalty in near future if they continue to behave in the way they are behaving now. Further most unfortunate thing is our respected prime minister does not have any say of his own inthe issue. very sorry state of affairs. MERA BHARAT MAHAN. JAI HIND. GOD ALONE(?) CAN SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  6. CA. Bhavesh Savla says:

    @PArantap, please read the jan lokpal bill. It completly solves your questions. While the govt draft talks of covering only the ‘A’ class public servants, the jan lokpal bill proposes to cover all small and big public servants which will act as a deterrant to any one asking for bribes for small daily things.

    While I say this, I also feel that one has to respect the constitutional rights of the parliament to discuss and pass bills and legislate. Those powers cant be usurped by anyone, including Annaji. However, in the current atmosphere, it is also necessary to put pressure on this most corrupt government and thus even I support Annaji

  7. Parantap Chandurkar says:

    “All of us therefore unconditionally stand by him.” This is how a handful of Anna supporters take unto themselves the role of representatives of the masses. It is not the candle-bearers and Anna-cappers who are the country. A farmer, a daily wage-earner, the house-maids the plebiens have hardly anything to do either with a Lokpal or a so called Jan-lokpal the difference between the two is left for the handful intelligentsia and thinkers of the ilk of Arvind Kejariwal, Aruna Roy or Bhushan duo. Suppose the P.M. and the judiciary is brought under the domain and authority of Lokpal how does it solves the small grafts at each stage faced by the common man striving for a BPL ration card or an Aadhar Card and so on. If dissent and protest is the right of the Civil society it is equally the right of the elected representatives. Flexibility is the keyword for a healthy dialogue but the “A” team is adament, stubborn and arrogant in its approach.
    I am NOT with this Anna and his uncivil society.
    Parantap Chandurkar

  8. K S Dhingra says:

    It has correctly been inferred by the author of the article that the political parties have no sympathy for the cause being pursued by Anna. Were it not so, any Member of Parliment belonging to any of the opposition parties could have introduced the Jan Lok Pal Bill as the Private Member’s Bill when the controversy menifested itself and the Pariament would have taken the call. It is crystal clear that the objective of the opposition parties in the Parliment is to embarass the Government even if they cannot bring its downfall. The opposition parties are showing lip sympathy for the cause of Anna and are just shedding crocodile tears.

    With utmost respect for Anna and the cause taken up by him, the means adopted do not seem to be justified. It is in the news that a close associate of Anna has declared that the civil society will press for its own bill in place of Judges Accountability Bill. It is also in news that electroral reforms bill and compensation for the framers in case of land acquisitions are next on the agenda of the civil society led by Anna. That being so and if the demands are pressed in the same manner as the case of Jan Lokpal Bill, where will the things end. Tomorrow, there may be similar demands from the groups having vested interest in any particular matter. How could such demands be denied if the demands of the Anna team are accepted. Will it not lead to anarchy? Will not do violence to the basic tenets of the Constitution which has granted freedom to launch protest?

  9. Raman Pal Singh Khalsa says:

    Can these “civil” society members guarantee that their JAN LOK PAL BILL is a sure panacea for the ills of corruption, plaguging India ?

    Further, holding the country to ransom, blackmailing the govt, dictating terms, continueously speaking lies, condemning the Govt / PM / MP’s/ sarkari babus etc in the msot foul language & usurping the powers of the Parliament & its committee’s – are the traits of this MODERN “Gandhian” & his TEAM. The traits of Humality & receptiveness to others ideas are not in their repertoire.

    R P Singh Khalsa

  10. dhawaljain says:

    Who will act as fixer in income tax office and forego his cut if CAs join Anna? ask anyone who had faced scrutiny or search and survey and met any of these expert CAs
    What about lawyers arranging bails for a price ??
    Pot calling the pan black ?
    Mr Pai, Anna will miserably fail to cleanse the system as all right movement do ( who Remebers Loknaysk Jaipraksh Narayn who singly handedly took on Gujarat and Bihar – then two of the most corrupt states then – Remeber Navnirman Andolan of Gujarat . alas even Anna did not recall that great soul. By the way Laloo , Mualyam. Sharad Yadav all are his followers!! Meanwhile , don’t ypu think that Fast is only a way to attract public attention. Remeber , Recently A sanyasi died fasting foe cleansing Ganga River in Gardawr , and nobody gave an ear even Anna and Baba Ramdeo

  11. Moiz says:

    Jan Lokpal bill or govt. bill, in my view, will not stop corruption in the system. It has to be fought on many fronts. I agree with CA Suresh that the society should boycott companies & persons who are involved in corruption. ICAI should take stern action against members who are involved in giving bribes for getting their work done or to cover up non compliance of a law. I have noticed that one of the cause of corruption is shortage of manpower in govt. depts whereby there is a delay in getting the work done. If Govt. cannot increase the manpower due to budgetary constraint, it should explore the possibility of outsourcing such activities by charging fees to person who can afford it. In any case a few of this kind, pay bribe to get his work done expeditiously. This model has to a great extent reduced black marketing in cinema hall tickets at multiplex theaters. My suggestion is to make a list of causes of corruption & recommend remedies to the govt. I do not know whether Anna is right in forcing his version of anti-corruption bill. In fact the support which he has got from the public, he should set up an anti-corruption army to catch the corrupt officials & expose bribe givers. This service would go a long way in elimination of corruption from the Indian society.

  12. CA Ronnie W Pereira says:

    I surely fully agree with CA Anant N Pai. But i feel very strongly that the spirit of the Jan Lokpal should be seen in the places where it is most prevalent. Hence this agitation should take place before the BMC Offices, Income tax Offices and every Government Offices, Police Stations, Passport Offices and everywhere where corruption of even the smallest kind breeds and multiplies. Corruption has a multiplier effect and so Annaji’s method of multiplier agitations and rallies will only be able to combat the same. We should all proudly don the Cap of Anna Hazare and show to the establishment that we abhor corruption and are now not willing to be party to this sordid Corruption drama which has had no end till Annaji’s stance. We should now start assembling in front of all the Government Offices and establishments and show our displeasure in a peaceful but forceful way. The Gandhi/Anna Cap has tremendous force.. I for one am not afraid to don the cap and enter the Income Tax Department as a reminder to the babus that we will not tolerate corruption in any form.

  13. Politicians and bureaucrates, benefitiaries of rampant corruption, have become so used to these perquisites that they won’t let them go without some extreme measures. While I do agree with the view that we must find some less life-endangering ways to bend the Government, people at large are difficult to be mobilised unless there is a cause which they cherishn and an idol who expresses their pent up anger. We must support Anna to the hilt but make sure that his life is not endangered. Politicaians must be made to realise that ultimate power vests in “WE THE PEOPLE” who cannot be ignored by our deaf and dumb leaders.

  14. Adv. AJAY JHA says:

    The only way to restrict the Govt. from corruption is the non-coperation movement to the govt. and stop paying taxes to the Govt. till the Jan Lokpal is tabled to the parliament.
    Vande Matram.

  15. ram babu says:

    are these suggestions much harsher than the the anna’s fasting. will any employee from Revenue dept. support you.

  16. ram babu says:

    For articles BSI gives for gold hallmark agro products agmark for pollution pollution free certificate similarly the CBI or IB or Vigilance Commissioner should give a certificate to all the govt offices starting from police stations to secretariat of the state concerned stating that there is no corruption in that office.

    the certificate should be in the form of a flag . that flag should be hoisted in front of that office.

    thank you ,

  17. ram babu says:

    If at all you think you can influence the people (not the govt) tell them whenever govt. increases water charges, electricity charges, municipal taxes the govt body that increases such charges should procalim that there was no corruption(charges againsta any employee) or misuse of funds in that dept.

  18. ram babu says:

    The corruptionists are like hi-tech call girls. Their rates are so high. When you refuse them they say you do not know ? is life. you are unfit to claim that you are a male being – does not deserve any pleasures in life.

    They believe that earning by hook or crook offers for their (immense) needs given them satisfying life.

    They never bother to think of their contribution. (of couerse you cannot expect from them or we are ready to offer any solution if at all asked )

    Hence I do not think anna hare’s fasting will bring any change in them. At the same time there is no remedy.
    The solution is if you do not like levae the country settle elsewhere in the world. or suffer.
    The ? of alternative means does not arise.

  19. I agree with CA. Annat N Pai that there must be some constructive way to show the resistance on any action of the Govt. by casting vote electronically by all member of society than going on fast to bend them. There must be way to protest the action of Govt. because the Public is ultimate master and the politician are their servant. A Servant can not govern the master. Casting of vote once for five year does not mean that they can do any dam thing and take guaranted ride of the same. Therfore , let us devise some system where these politician can be checked any time for their wrong doings and action can be taken against them.

  20. CA SURESH says:

    The response from the CA community towards Annaji’s agetation is very poor. CAs are assembled in Coi
    mbatore for SIRC regional meetings and dicussed the provisions of IT, AS, AAS. We a group of CAs appealled them to stop all such discussion for one day and show the support to Annaji and team by fasting for 12 hours there. The provisions and AS you discussed there never helped the country to stop the corruption in this country. Wehreas increased the intensity.
    We appealled to the public also to boycott all the product of those companies and persons involved in the scam and corruption.

  21. Praveen Airan says:

    I, appreciate this idea also. The most important thing is that how we can control corruption in more effictive way.

  22. rmmurthy says:

    Instead,we can go for a referendum. Is there any provision in the Constitution for a referendum? If this referendum is allowed people will start asking for referendum for each and every issue! The right to recall the representative in the legislature can also be thougt of . Funding of election process also to be regulated to end corruption. Anna Hazare and his civil society team shoul thind in these terms instead of resorting to fasting.

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