Mumbai Terror Attacks – Mere Terrorism or something else?

Shri. Anant Pai

Mumbai Terror Attacks – Mere Terrorism or something else?

CA Anant N. Pai ‘Indian’

The author expresses the apprehension that the symptoms of the Third World War may be seen in the recent Mumbai Terror Attack. He urges that the incident should not be dismissed as a mere terrorist attack

1. This article is not an emotional response to Mumbai terror attack. Otherwise, its ink would also fade just like human memory which wanes with efflux of time. We have seen a lot of defiance to the terror attack in form of gatherings, media coverage and so on. The real test is whether these will survive the onslaught of time. Already media which was once exceptionally devoted to coverage of the terror attacks and security concerns is tiring and what is now being covered are state election results. Gone is the coverage of the candles lit outside Taj and what is being shown is some very jubilant dancing. No, the dancing is not because we have won the war with Pakistan. We are dancing because our political party has won the state elections.

Soon there will be another terror attack and the same cycle of anger and amnesia will repeat. Where does this lead all of us to?

This article is technical study of terrorism as seen by a watchful citizen.

Friends, most of us mistake this Mumbai terror act as an isolated act of aggression on our State. No, friends, it is no so – at least not this time. The Mumbai terror act as well as the 9/11 —-is part of the sequence of Third World War. Many may pooh pooh my proposition, but this does deter me even by one step. Since most of my readers would be men of law, I shall speak to them in the very language they understand – evidences and probabilities.

2. Friends, most of us mistake this Mumbai terror act as an isolated act of aggression on our State. No, friends, it is no so – at least not this time. The Mumbai terror act as well as the 9/11 —-is part of the sequence of Third World War. Many may pooh pooh my proposition, but this does deter me even by one step. Since most of my readers would be men of law, I shall speak to them in the very language they understand – evidences, circumstantial evidences and probabilities. Then, what is subtly hidden behind the Mumbai terror attack will come to the surface..

Friends, let us for a short moment, travel back in reverse gear. Few months ago, India and United States of America overreached to sign the 123 agreement, the agreement by which India can access nuclear technology from United States. President Bush and Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice lobbyed hard to get the agreement okayed in United States on priority basis even when its Legislature had serious other distracting domestic matters like the passing the economic bailout package which was high on its agenda. There was only a whisker of time available with United States and yet it shoved the whole tiger of 123 through.

This is marked contrast to their earlier attitude in opposing tooth and nail our nuclear development process. Ask yourselves, my friend – why this sudden change of heart ? Something must have surely caused this change in thinking.

3. United States, as the global power leader, has several positions taken in the world to maintain both its military and economic leaderships. For example, it has taken a position to support Israel in the Palestine dispute.. It has military presence in Asia to pre-empt China from gobbling up Taiwan. It has also a military support for South Korea against any hostile aggression by nuclear armed North Korea, which is backed by China. It has military presence in Iraq after ousting Saddam. It also has so in Afghanistan and even in Pakistan to foil take over bids by Al Qaida and Taliban. It has active tie up with the Saudi Government for both military and economic considerations e.g. control over oil installations.

4. Some where, after the 9/11 attacks, it must felt these positions were being disturbed. One possibility is that it has felt that its ‘trusted partner’ Pakistan was hoodwinking them behind its back. How else did nuclear technology pass in to the hands of their adversaries, Iran and North Korea, but from Pakistan? And was not the source of the technology from none other than China?

Friends, China is the most reliable provider of nuclear technology to Pakistan. Immediately after India signed with United States the 123 agreement and United States did not agree to have a similar agreement with Pakistan, President Musharraf visited China. China issued a statement that their talks did not involve any nuclear agreement. This is obviously so, because China and Pakistan do not require any ‘formal agreement’ to transfer nuclear technology as they have an unwritten agreement any way to do so clandestinely in a more perfect manner.

There is another unique aspect of Pakistan, which may be noted. United States must have realized that even if a popularly elected government is brought to power, even after President Musharaff steps down as the dictator, there is no guarantee that this government will able to successfully perform the role of a reliable ally, because the other two power centers, the military and the ISI may not tow the line of the government.

Friends, let us scratch our memories to trace the origin of Kargil War. The Kargil War was planned by the General Musharaff probably even without the connivance of Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff. While Mr. Shariff and the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee were deeply involved in improving the mutual relationships between the two countries by confidence building measures, the Pakistan Military had sneaked its personal impersonating as ‘Kashmiri freedom fighters’ to take positions on the Himalayan peaks on the Indian side of the Line of Control. What more conviction would one require to come to the conclusion that the Pakistan military can function independently of governmental authority?

The United States would thus definitely have taken cognizance of the reality, that even if it has pact with an elected Pakistan government, there is no certainty that results will be in American interests due to sabotaging by ISI and the military.

5. There is another feature of Pakistan’ geography that should be noted. Pakistan is made of states and provinces which do not function as One Nation. There are too many differences between them to assure unity. Therefore, it is doubtful whether the line of authority extended by the Pakistan Government would percolate to obedience by people in these provinces. Besides, there are large areas on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that are in control of indigenous tribes. These tribes are the law unto themselves in their territories and do not succumb to any authority of the government.. They are most active supporters of the Taliban and Al Qaida and they provide the safe passage and logistical support to cross border anti US operations in Afghanistan. Last but not the least, patriotic Pakistanis resents the indulgence of foreigners on their soil.

An Indian doctor called Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, who is followed by millions as spiritual leader {Aniruddha Bapu} has also written book called the Third World War. In this book, he has profiled each major country that would involve in this War and also their leaderships and thus derived the ‘influencing forces’ they carry on the masses in this world. He has also profiled the terrorist organizations and their leaders to indicate the role they may play in such a war. He has analyzed the conditions that lead to the previous two world wars and found that similar conditions prevail even today which are early warning symptoms of the Third World War.

6. All this must have put a clear thought in minds of the American ‘think-tank’ that Pakistan can no longer be trusted as a longer term ally of United States. The China-Pakistan-North Korea nexus would spell lesser American dominance in our part of the Asian continent. Iran, who has serious threat perceptions from United States may also compelled to join the fray. [This would be unfortunate for India, because as far as Iran is concerned, the countries have shared a relationship of mutual friendship and respect all along and there never was any axe to grind between them.] All the above developments would increase the level of threat perception to United States.

7. Then, whom can United States rely to neutralize this threat in Asia ? It is true that United States has improved relationships with Russia as the cold war has ended. But, Russia is not a force to reckon as it was when Soviet Union was in one piece. Besides, Russia may have problems even from some its own erstwhile members of the Soviet Union. Therefore, by process of elimination, India, the largest democracy in the world, remains as the only reliable alternative, by default. It was for this reason that United States bend double to complete the formalization of the 123 agreement with so much haste.

8. India too has its own security concerns and this not merely restricted to Pakistan, which is far smaller country compared to ours. China on its northern borders has a serious border dispute with India as it claims a large portion of Arunachal Pradesh as its integral territory.. China is never happy with India even otherwise because India has the potential to rise to a Global Power, which would undermine the global influence of China. It is for this reason that it tried to put a last minute spoke in India’s wheel by opposing the 123 agreement in United Nations when, it was on the verge of being cleared for sanction. It also does not appreciate our asylum to the Tibetan leader, Dalai Lama. Most of the militancy in our north east is fuelled by China.

Our other neighbor, Myanmar’s military government has also blessing by China. Bangladesh, whom we assisted in gaining freedom from Pakistan, is returning its thanks by promoting camps for training militants for terror operations in India. The Chinese backed communists in Nepal are slowly but surely gaining control in Nepal.

We too required the 123 agreement with United States. Though these agreement may contain restraint clauses for use of nuclear technology for military purposes, neither India nor United States are naïve to believe that the same will not be complied if India’s security comes under threat.

9. Just as signing of the 123 agreement may be looked upon as a realignment done by United States to maintain its global strategic position, one should not expect that Pakistan who has now been shunned by United States will not react.

There is enough evidence that Pakistan had effected the terror attack in Mumbai. In these attacks, the fact that the terrorist selectively chose Indians, Americans, Britishers, Japanese and the Israelites as their targets for killing is an acknowledgement signed by Pakistan and its coalition partners- in- terror that these countries are now seen as enemies in coalition after the signing of 123 agreement.

10. Now, how does one say that the Mumbai terror attack and 9/11 is a part of the sequence of the Third World War. This is because of a tell tale sign left by the terrorist in the Mumbai terror attacks. First of all , there is now enough evidence that Pakistan, more particularly the ISI was behind the attack. Do you think that ISI or the matter of fact, Pakistan has the guts to take on United States on its own ? Would they have United States citizens selectively killed in Mumbai terror attack? They have seen what the United States did in Iraq and Afghanistan. They would have surely not planned this adventure unless they are have comfort of support of a coalition of a sizable force to match the might of United States. Yes, they have the support of China, but that is the end of the story. The terrorist network of ISI, Taliban and Al Qaida has its presence in several other countries, whose support must have been counted before launching the Mumbai attack. The selective attack on the Israelites in Mumbai is an acknowledgement served by the ISI alliance that countries sharing anti-Israel sentiments would support them in case of war with United States.

11. If the terrorist coalition wants now to survive the wrath of United States, the only option with them is to draw Israel in to conflict, because only then the anti-Israel countries will be forced to support them. This is similar to the strategy adopted by Saddam Hussein when Iraq was attacked by United States. He wanted to direct his missiles at Israel, though it was not a part of the war to garner support from the Arab countries.

12. A world war is a war in which ninety or more countries participate. Israel is the most potential flashpoint of such a war. There is saying that “Israel is a State beyond its frontiers’ meaning that it has its Jewish representatives spread all over the world, who believe that he is a first an Israelite and then a citizen of the country, where he is domiciled.

All said and done, America with all its hype, is a country controlled by its Jewish business community, whose members are at the helm of most of corporate enterprise and all the media. Both through control of the media and political funding by its corporates, the Jewish Community in United States has aligned the US Policy in favour of Israel. There it is impossible that United States will remain aloof if Israel is drawn in to war.

13. A war with Israel will bring two formations in to the forefront in face to face conflict. Firstly, the United States led coalition with Israel, its NATO partners and others will the Iran, China, Pakistan and Arab Countries etc. in oppositions.

By selective killing of the American and Israeli citizens in Mumbai, the terrorist coalition has given an advance warning of the formations that the countries will take towards the Third World War.

14. Just for interest of the readers [and nothing more], it appears that the Third World War appeared to be foreseen even by Nostradamus, whose prophecies are believed to have forecast most of the important events in the world. It seems that in May 2005, the Italian National Library in Rome, found buried in their archives an unknown manuscript written by the Nostradamus. This manuscript, it is stated to have been handed down to her son and later donated to Pope Urban VII. This manuscript has thus been discovered in 2005 after nearly four hundred years. This manuscript is stated to have given a sequentially the events that the Third World War will take form in. The schedule of events is stated to fall in our contemporary time {www.}.

15. An Indian doctor called Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, who is followed by millions as spiritual leader {Aniruddha Bapu} has also written book called the Third World War. In this book, he has profiled each major country that would involve in this War and also their leaderships and thus derived the ‘influencing forces’ they carry on the masses in this world. He has also profiled the terrorist organizations and their leaders to indicate the role they may play in such a war. He has analyzed the conditions that lead to the previous two world wars and found that similar conditions prevail even today which are early warning symptoms of the Third World War. A review of his book had also appeared some time ago in the Bombay Chartered Accountants Journal. One can also find an editorial review of the same on

16. The readers may appreciate that if a Third World War is fought, its undercurrent will be not just political enmities but also religious hatred between the opposing forces. Religious beliefs will also thus contribute as prime motivating forces. There is reference to such a large scale religious war in World Religions and Belief Systems.

Bible and Revelations are stated to carry prediction of large oppressive war fought by a leader called the Ant-Christ, who will be ultimately defeated after much loss of world population, property and resources.

There is an Islamic belief that their Promised Savior called Mahdi will lead the virtuous to victory in a large scale war. In fact, the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on record announcing that the Return of the Messiah, Mahdi was not far way and the community should be prepared for a war under leadership of this savior.

The Jews believe that the time for the rebuilding of their Promised Third Holy Temple {the previous two were destroyed in conquests) is due in Palestine..

These beliefs may influence leaderships to such a war, if they subscribe to them.

17. In conclusion, Readers may please give careful considerations to my article. The greatness of a tree is unfortunately recognized only when it is fully grown. But, to a horticulturist, who has studied his science well knows the greatness of the tree in the seed itself before planting. So also, a disease is treated only when it is manifest and it is not tangible to the unwary when it lurks in the body in the nascent stage. So, also I would entreat my friends in law to examine whether the symptoms of the Third World War can been seen in the recent Mumbai Terror Attack.

Jai hind to all.

21 comments on “Mumbai Terror Attacks – Mere Terrorism or something else?
  1. Priyamwadaveera Vasantgadkar says:

    Hari Om. We all should pray towards the almighty and love thy Bappa.

  2. This is nothing but the Terrorism. We have take some disciplinary action against the we have suffered a lot from this kind of attacks since 1993.

  3. Prasanna Pai says:

    We should forget our religion and stand in unity and solidarity towards our so called Secular country. Please remember Terrorism has no religion so we should also have no religion in order to protect our country. Religion should not be a barrier if we want to keep the country safe. Please read from your heart otherwise its just a Blah Blah Blah!!!

  4. Avinash Abhyankar says:

    Dear Shri Anant

    Eye opener wirte up!

  5. NIlesh says:

    well compose article with reseaerch and practical view point

  6. Ganesh Krishnan says:

    A good article though some of the assumptions made may not be entirely correct

  7. Minhazali N Ladiwala says:

    Dear Anant,

    Please also let the people know the actual facts about the people who are responsible for carrying out such acts of Terrorism. For any act of Terrorism, there are people who carry out the acts of terrorism, there are people who administer, manage, and organise such acts of terrorism and one should also not forget the people for their vested interest either political, monetary, or religious etc. hire or assigned such mission of carrying out such acts of terrorism.

    Please do not link such acts of Terrorism with the religion of Islam, as Islam does not teach the acts of Terrorism. The people who carry out such acts or directly or indirectly associated with such acts of terrorism can not be called a Muslim or a follower of the religion of Islam. Even he is not a human being also.

    Islam is the religion of Peace and has always emphasised to respect the human beings irespective of their religion, caste, creed, colour, race, country, tribes, etc.etc.

    Please beware of the conspiracy going on against the Islam as the very people who carry out such acts of Terrorism are themselves not muslims and are the real hidden enemies of Islam.

    This acts of terrorism is not new today this has been going on since the days of Prophet Mohamed. You can refer the verse in Quran called Munafaqun. It is about the People who at the time of Prophet Mohamed became Muslim accepted the religion of Islam but in their heart of heart they had all the enmities against the Islam. Such people are called Munafiqs.

    Much to follow.



  8. Kalpesh says:

    This article will help common people know of what politicians are doing with the help of power they possess being in government.
    Through this, people will come up & take up the responsibility of entering in government and take up policies which will help nation program and free of corruption.

  9. Pratiksha says:

    Sir you have made a deep research on the topic which is an eye opener. Thank you for bringing the facts at public disposal
    But through your Article I also want to say something from my side, Sir please carry this message to all people of this country that TERROR HAS NO RELIGION. Please don’t hate Muslim only for the reason that all terrorist hail form Muslim communist.
    All muslims are not guilty of what other muslims (terrorist) did, which is against there our religion also.


  10. veeramani says:


    Accept my congratulations for having presented a well researched article. I agree that there is going to be an imminent change in the world.

    In Gita it is suggested that no one does anything, but everthing happens. There is no doer in the world. The course of events cannot be changed by anyone not even by God.

    Manu looked at man as four functions (chatur varna) and when the functions got divided between man and woman it became a family. When the functions got divided among men it became a society or nation. The man comes from the earth and he is a replica of the nature. So is the Society a replica of the earth. Look at what is happening to earth, you will realise what is happening to man and vice versa. Man gorws old and falls to take birth again. So the earth has to fall – either by war, flood, rain of fire etc.

  11. Bhavesh says:


    Pls learn from history. I cannot say more things here because this is not the right forum.

    Bhavesh Savla
    Keep Smiling.

  12. Ketan Savla says:

    Very good article. Lots of efforts put in.


    Sir,the article is very good .you have done very good and indepth reasearch on it .many issues which you have put up in article is really shocking , n heart breaking.Sir whatever you have said is very correct, but i want to say sumthin different but very much related to the u know all the terriorist hail from Muslim releigion, i would like to tell you that bcoz sum muslims are on a rong track , the entire muslim community is under threat.ill tell you my case.we have a muslim family in my colony, she does so much for my family, whatever she makes she give that to us to eat very pyar se, but my family is like ohh this is from a muslim family so we will not eat .and i feel so bad ki sumbody has mixed feelings, love affevtion, care , u just reject it on basis of religion is not fair at all.i feel sad abt it.this is not the story of our family only , many families more after the attack have started hating muslims vich is not correct.i have for the first time responded to an article, hope it reaches many more through your article.

  14. Bhavesh says:

    Why has the author not mentioned the Hindu scripture predicting the return of Kalki(The tenth avtaar of Vishnu)? Does he believe the scriptures/prophesies of other religions more than that of the Hindu ones? or Is he one of those pseudo-seculars for whom even mentioning the word ‘HINDU’ is anti-secular? The Hindus shall march towards victory and Hindu Rashtra firmly established.

    Bhavesh Savla
    Keep smiling.

  15. Rakesh Agarwal says:

    True and Good article

  16. C.A. Sanjay Mehta says:

    Based on Facts the Third World War looks like a great possibility with the epicenter being Asia, the war may be a nuclear war resulting in destruction of major Asian countires. Efforts need to be made to avoid such a holocust. All Indians need to put thier heads to gather to find a solution.

  17. Kirti Shah says:

    1. Well Researched subject with the evidence and probabilities. 2. Undermines its own importance by relying upon Nostradamus and Book by Anirudha Bapu. Should have been avoided.
    Overall a very good article and eye opener.

  18. c. k. patil says:

    Very True !

  19. Bipin Shah says:

    Third World war would be disastorous and should be avoided. We should not forget nor allow others to forget this event with affulx of time. USA should be helpful in making Pakistan launch clean up operation. Let us hope what author fears does not happen.

  20. CA S.R. Gopalan says:

    An eye-opener

  21. Really gud article specially the evidences make it quite convincing!

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