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DATE: December 8, 2014 (Date of pronouncement)
DATE: January 9, 2015 (Date of publication)
AY: 2008-09
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S. 43B/ 36(1)(va): High Court verdict in Hindustan Organics Chemicals 270 CTR 478 (Bom) decides that employees' contribution to PF is eligible for s. 43B even though that was not the issue before it. It also does not refer to any judicial precedents. Also, the Q framed by the dept and its representation before the High Court leaves much to be desired. However, the judgement is binding and has to be followed

However, again, it cannot be denied that per the said decision, which is judicially binding on us, the hon’ble court has abundantly clarified that the deduction in respect of the employee’s contribution (to the employee welfare funds) in the hands of the assessee-employer is governed by the provision of section 43B, so that where deposited by the due date of the filing of the return for the relevant year, shall be valid in terms of the amended s.43B, i.e., by Finance Act 2003, with effect from 01.04.2004, which amendment stands held by the apex court in Alom Extrusions Ltd. (supra) to the retrospective, so that it shall apply even to years prior to A.Y.2004-05. The hon’ble court, we note, does not discuss nor refer to any judicial precedents. The question of law framed by the Department, as well as its representation before the hon’ble court, leaves much to be desired. That, however, would not in any manner detract from or dilute its binding nature on us as a subordinate forum