Deepi Arora vs. ITO (ITAT Mumbai)

DATE: February 18, 2015 (Date of pronouncement)
DATE: March 16, 2015 (Date of publication)
AY: 2007-08
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Though u/s 80-IA(5), the profits of the eligible unit has to be computed on the ‘stand alone’ principle, in a case where the assessee also has non-business income, the brought forward unabsorbed depreciation u/s. 32(2) has to be set off against the eligible profits before computing s. 80-IA deduction

(i) The assessee’s manner of computing Gross Total Income, though mathematically leading to the same result, i.e., in terms of net taxable income, is incorrect and not in conformity with either the terms of the provisions or the scheme of the Act. There is, in fact, no scope for any vacillation; the same being basic to the scheme of the Act, with the apex court in Synco Industries Ltd 299 ITR 444 (SC) explaining the manner in which the GTI is to be computed, so that independent of the provision of s. 80-I(6) (or s. 80-IA(5)), all other applicable provisions, including ss. 32(2) & s. 72, would apply in computing such income. Rather, we observe a complete unanimity of judicial view;

(ii) What is the basis there-for? If not ridiculous or a travesty of the clear provisions of law, what is it? True, if the unabsorbed depreciation exceeds the business income of Rs.77.91 lacs, the same would stand to be set off against the income assessable u/s.22 and/or section 56 in-as-much as the same, per the deeming of section 32(2), forms part of the current years’ depreciation, and is to be given effect to, save for a precedence to the provision of sections 72(2) & 73(3), which are inapplicable in the present case in-as much as there is no brought forward business loss. There is no occasion or need for the set off of unabsorbed deprecation against income assessable under other heads of income, i.e., under Chapters IV-C and IV-F, as the assessee claims or does. How, for instance, s. 70 come into play without first determining the income assessable u/s. 28, and which would only be after giving effect to the provision of s. 32. The charge of depreciation u/s.32, it must be appreciated, is one, single charge, i.e., irrespective of the different sources of income where-under it may arise and, accordingly, would, in terms of section 32(1) r/w s. 32(2), allowable under the income assessable u/s.28, which per section 29 is to be computed in accordance with the provisions contained in sections 30 to 43D.

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