Imperial Imp & Exp vs. ITO (ITAT Mumbai)

DATE: March 18, 2016 (Date of pronouncement)
DATE: March 28, 2016 (Date of publication)
AY: 2009-10
FILE: Click here to download the file in pdf format
An addition on account of bogus purchases cannot be made only on the basis of information received from the MVAT department.

We have carefully considered the rival submissions. The entire discussion in the assessment order reveals that purchases from four parties namely Dhruv sales Corporation – Rs.13,67,640/-; Subhlaxmi Sales Corp. – Rs.20,20,800/-; Dharshan Sales Corporation -Rs.9,64,656/-; and Paras (India)- Rs.33,98,400, totalling to Rs.77,51,496/- have been treated to be bogus based on the purported enquiries conducted by the Sales Tax Department of the Government of Maharashtra. Ostensibly, the Assessing Officer ought to have brought on record material which is relevant to the transactions of the assessee with the aforesaid four parties instead of making a general observation about the information received from the Sales Tax Department of the Government of Maharashtra. Quite clearly, the Assessing Officer as well as CIT(Appeals) have taken note of the fact that no sales could have been effected by the assessee without purchases. In the present case, assessee has explained that all its sales are by way of exports. The books of account maintained by the assessee show payment for effecting such purchases by account payee cheques and also the vouchers for sale and purchase of goods, etc. Notably, no independent enquiries have been conducted by the Assessing Officer. Under identical circumstances, our Co-ordinate Benches in the cases of Deepak Popatwala Gal (supra), Shri Rajeev G. Kalathil(supra)and Ramesh Kumar and Co.(supra) have held that the Assessing Officer was not justified in making additions merely on the basis of information obtained from the Sales Tax Department of the Government of Maharashtra without conducting any independent enquiries. Before the CIT(Appeals), one of the points raised by the assessee was with respect to an opportunity to cross examine the four parties, but we find that no such opportunity have been allowed. Considering the entirety of facts and circumstances of the case and the aforesaid precedents, which have been rendered under identical circumstances, in our view, the CIT(Appeals) erred in sustaining the addition to the extent of Rs.4,19,356/- instead of deleting the entire addition of Rs.9,68,937/- made by the Assessing Officer. We direct accordingly.

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