Month: July 2008

The following Vice-Presidents of the Income tax Appellate Tribunal are hereby transferred in the same capacity in public interest, to the Zones of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal  as shown against their name(s) with effect from 10th July 2008

It has been decided that all CCsIT (CCA) should redeploy officers and staff to clear the backlog in high pendency charges keeping in view the overall work load including pendency of scrutiny cases. Concerned CCsIT may take recourse to outsourcing of data entry as per standing instructions of the Board / Directorate of Systems on the subject. For this purpose, necessary funds would be placed at the disposal of the CCIT (CCA) for outsourcing of data entry. CCsIT(CCA) should send proposals to the Directorate of Income-tax (Systems) for outsourcing of data entry.