Month: February 2013

The Finance Bill 2013, as introduced in Parliament today, 28th February 2013, is available for download

Vide Order No. 26 of 2013 dated 08.02.2013, the CBDT has promoted officers in the grade of Commissioner/ Director of Income-tax to the grade of Chief Commissioner of Income-tax in the pay scale of Rs. 67,000 – 79,000 with immediate effect

Pursuant to the strictures passed by the Supreme Court in DIT vs. Citibank N.A. over the delay in filing SLPs, the CBDT has issued a letter dated 04.02.2013 in which it has pointed out that even after conveying the concern of the Board over the inordinate delay in receiving SLP proposals, about 50% of the proposals are received late. The Board has now directed that in cases where the SLP proposals are sent late, the CCIT/DGIT should fix responsibility for the delay and the name of the officer(s) concerned should be specified in the proposal itself

Vide order dated 04.02.2013 passed pursuant to consultations with the collegium of the ITAT constituting the President and two senior-most Vice Presidents, Smt. Diva Singh, Judicial Member, Kolkota Bench, has been transferred in the same capacity to the ITAT Delhi Bench with immediate effect for a period of one year. The transfer has been made at her request. On the expiry of one year from the date of joining the Delhi Bench, she has to report back to the Kolkota Bench unless otherwise directed by the competent authority

The CPC has issued a letter dated 30.01.2013 pointing out that there are 28,444 returns filed for AY 2012-13 where the refund is in excess of Rs. 10 lakhs which are pending processing. The CPC has directed the AO’s to check within 21 days whether any demand is outstanding in these cases and stated that in case no response is received, the e-returns shall be processed (and refund granted)