Month: September 2009

The jurisdiction of Commissioners of Income-tax (Appeals) in the Income-tax department, Mumbai, has changed with effect from 1st September 2009. The relevant details are available in the attached file.

We are greatly shocked and concerned to know that the Government has proposed changes in the rules concerning appointment of Members of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal [‘I.T.A.T.’]. Among others, a proposal is to appoint Members of I.T.A.T. only for a limited tenure of 5 years, at a time, on contract basis. The Association strongly disapproves of such a regressive
move since such proposal will severely affect independence of the Members so appointed. The Association strongly opposes such a proposal which affects the independent judicial functioning of the I.T.A.T.

Vide order dated 1st September 2009, the following Hon’ble Members have, in pursuance of the consultations of the collegium of the I.T.A.T. consisting of the President and two senior-most Vice-Presidents, been transferred, in the same capacity, to the Benches of the Tribunal as shown against their names with effect from the afternoon of 11th September, 2009.