Month: September 2014

The Chamber of Tax Consultants filed a Writ Petition claiming that although the time to file the FORM No. 3 CD being the Audit Report has been extended, the time to file Return of Income has not been suitably extended to coincide with the date of filing of audit report. It was claimed that this would lead to inconvenience to tax payers who would be required to file their returns in the absence of audit report, with the result the determination of income would be subject to change on the basis of the audit. This would lead to a large number of tax payers having to file revised return of income besides may in some cases also be exposed to penal proceeding. It was also pointed out that similar Petitions have been filed in Gujarat and Delhi High Court and are likely to be heard soon

The CBDT has issued an Office Memorandum dated 15th September 2014 pointing out that Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) constitute a strategically important source of information for the Income Tax department. It is admitted that, however, the department has not been able to investigate all STRs promptly. With a view to take steps for better and quicker investigation in available STRs, the CBDT has invited feedback from the field officers on how the process can be made more effective

Vide Order No. 154 of 2014 dated 09.09.2014, the CBDT has ordered the transfer and posting of several officers in the grade of Assistant/ Deputy Commissioners of Income-tax with immediate effect and until further orders.

Vide order dated 28.08.2014 passed by the Hon’ble President pursuant to the consultations with the Collegium of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal consisting of the President and two senior most Vice Presidents, the following Members of the ITAT have been transferred/ permitted to continue in the same capacity to the respective Benches, mentioned below

The CBDT has issued Instruction No. 6 of 2014 dated 02.09.2014 and announced the procedure and criteria for compulsory manual selection of cases for scrutiny for FY 2014-15. The guidelines appear to have been issued pursuant to the direction of the Delhi High Court in Joginder Pal Gulati vs. OSD – CPIO