Month: March 2009

The following Hon’ble Members have been transferred in the same capacity, to the Benches of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal as shown against their names. While the Hon’ble Members at sr. nos. 1 & 2 have been transferred with effect from 30th March 2009, those at sr. nos. 3 & 4 have been transferred with effect from 6th April 2009

Hon’ble Sri D. Manmohan, Vice President, Income tax Appellate Tribunal, Chandigarh Zone, Chandigarh (Hqr. at I.T.A.T. Visakhapatnarn Bench, Vizag ) has been transferred in the same capacity to the Income tax Appellate Tribunal, Mumbai Zone, Mumbai with effect from the forenoon of 16th March, 2009, vice Sri K.C. Singbai, Vice President, ITAT, Mumbai Zone.

My view, albeit prima facie, is that the soft-pedaling policy followed by the Madras High Court Judges has led to the present piquant situation. The lawyers appear to have been encouraged by the wrong ‘signals sent out and seemed to think that they could do anything and get away within the Court premises. Regretfully, far from being the upholders of the rule of law, the lawyers seem to have behaved as hooligans and miscreants. The incidents that transpired over a last month or so make it clear that the lawyers seemed to be under the impression that, because they are officers of the Court, they are immune from the process of law and that they could get away with any unlawful act without being answerable to the law enforcing agency. It is most unfortunate that the soft policy adopted by the Acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court and its administration sent out clearly
a wrong message that encouraged and emboldened the lawyers into becoming law breakers.

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