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ITAT Makes History – 7 Members Appointed Vice Presidents Together

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has approved the appointments of seven Members (Judicial/ Accountant) of the ITAT to the posts of Vice-President In the ITAT in level 16 of the Matrix wef the date of assumption of charge of the post and till the age of 62 years subject to the final outcome of Writ Petition Nos 9/2017 titled Kudrat Sandhu vs. Union of India pending in the Supreme Court

High Court Judge, Who Heard Cases Till 11 PM, Appointed ITAT President. Tax Bar Pleased, Pledges Support

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has approved the appointment of a former High Court to the post of the President in the ITAT. The learned judge has a distinguished track record. He is renowned for having sat in Court till 11 pm in order to speedily dispose of pending cases. The Tax Bar has expressed confidence that the new President will streamline the working of the ITAT and ensure speedy justice to taxpayers

Transfer Of Hon’ble ITAT Member (Vice President) (Oct 2018)

Vide Order dated 11th October 2018, the Hon’ble President of the ITAT has transferred a Vice-President with immediate effect, in public interest

Tax Bar Files Writ Petition Reg Non-Appointment Of Core ITAT Admin Staff By Govt

The AIFTP has filed a Writ petition in the Hon’ble Bombay High court to challenge the apathy of the Government in the matter of non-appointment of core staff for the ITAT

ITAT Irked At Dept For Insinuating That Sachin Tendulkar Submitted Bogus And Fake Documents To Save Petty Tax

It is well known that Assessing Officers spare no effort in their zeal to collect taxes from hapless taxpayers. They can stoop to any extent and level all sorts of allegations without any regard to the stature of the taxpayer or his track record of paying taxes. Sachin Tendulkar, the illustrious sporting champion, is the latest to fall victim to the exuberance of the AO to make additions for the flimsiest of reasons

Tax Bar Thanks Retiring ITAT Member For Exemplary Service To Cause Of Justice

The Tax Bar has paid rich tribute to an Accountant Member of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal who retired on 9th August 2018

ITAT Ahd Removes Agony Of Uncertainty To Taxpayers By Dismissing 697 Low Tax Effect Appeals Of Dept

Pursuant to CBDT’s Circular dated 11th July 2018 that appeals of the department before the Tribunal where the tax effect is less than Rs. 20 lakh should not be pressed/ withdrawn, the ITAT Ahmedabad Bench has identified 697 such appeals. Of these 242 appeals have been dismissed as not pressed/ withdrawn by a common order. The CBDT has also issued a directive dated 20th August 2018 by which it has imposed strict time limits for withdrawl of appeals by the Department. All Principal Commissioners have been directed to “personally ensure” that the exercise of withdrawing/not pressing such appeals is concluded latest by 20.08.2018. It may be recalled that even on the earlier occasion, the ITAT Ahmedabad Bench had taken the lead in the matter and dismissed several low-tax departmental appeals in DCIT vs. Soma Textiles & Industries Ltd (2016) 45 ITR (Trib) 0147

CBDT Reveals Game Plan For Tackling High-Demand Appeals In Courts And ITAT

The CBDT has revealed in the Central Action Plan 2018 that the total demand stayed by Courts/ITAT as on 01.04.2018 is a whopping sum of Rs. 87,035 crore. It is pointed out that the appeals have been pending for several years and Departmental Representatives/Counsel are unable to press for disposal in the absence of adequate resources and support from the field formations. In order to tackle the back-log of litigation, the CBDT has formulated a concerted and focused strategy. The CBDT has also stipulated time limits within which the targets are required to be completed

Pending Third Member Matters (As Of 16 July 2018)

This is the official list of the cases pending before the Third Members of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal as of 16.07.2018

Pending Special Bench Matters (As Of 16 July 2018)

This is the official list of the cases pending before the Special Benches of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal as of 16.07.2018


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