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EC Slams CBDT For ‘Insolence’, CBDT Stays Defiant. Claims Recovery Of Rs. 280 Cr Of Black Money From Politicians

The CBDT is known to be a law unto itself. No amount of strictures from the Courts has any impact on it. Now, it has come into the bad books of the Election Commission with the latter expressing “deep sense of anguish” about the “casual and trivial” approach of the CBDT. The EC has expressed its “extreme displeasure” at the “Stark violation of established protocol

CBDT Reveals Action Plan For April To June 2019

The CBDT has released a ‘Central Action Plan’ for the first Quarter i.e. (April 2019 to June 2019) of the FY 2019-20. The Plan has set out in clear terms the ‘Key Result Areas’ that all AOs and CsIT(A) are expected to accomplish. Specific targets with regard to the completion of assessments, audit objections, recovery of arrears, disposal of appeals are set out

CBDT Circular Reg Extension Of Time U/s 286(4) r.w. Rule 10DB(4)

The CBDT has issued Circular No. 7 of 2019 dated 8th April 2019 by which it has exercised its powers u//s 119 of the Act and extended the period for furnishing the report u/s 286(4) of the Act read with Rule 10DB(4) of the Rules.

Congress Manifesto Promises To End Tax Terrorism + Enhance Reservation For SC/ST/OBC In Judiciary

The Congress party has released its manifesto for the elections 2019. One of the striking promises made in the manifesto is that the extraordinary discretionary powers given to the tax department which has led to ‘tax terrorism’ will be ended. Several reforms for the judiciary have also been announced including the enhancement of representation at all levels of the judiciary for women, SC, ST, OBC, minorities and other under-represented sections of society

CBDT Issues SOP Reg Handling Of Cash Deposit Cases & Making Best Judgement Assessment

The CBDT has issued a letter dated 5th March 2019 in which the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for handling of cases related to substantial cash deposit during the demonetisation period has been prescribed. The CBDT has spelt out in clear-cut terms how the AO should frame a best judgement assessment in cases where the notice u/s 142(1) is not complied with by the assessee

CBDT Order Reg Promotion Of ITOs To Assistant Commissioners Of Income-Tax

The CBDT has vide Office Order No. 43 of 2019 dated 28th February 2019 stated that the President has appointed several Income Tax Officers to the grade of Assistant Commissioners of Income-tax. The CBDT has also vide Office Order No. 44 of 2019 dated 28th February 2019 extended the appointments of several Assistant Commissioners of Income-tax

Do Not Harass Taxpayers Or Be High-Handed With Them: New CBDT Chief To AOs

Hon’ble P. C. Mody, the newly appointed Chairman of the CBDT, has sent the clear message to all officials of the income-tax department that while maximizing the revenue collection is the immediate priority, the same has to be done “without any harassment or high handedness“. The learned Chairman has stipulated that the conduct of the officials should be impeccable, friendly, yet objective – without fear or favour – as the Dept moves towards becoming a non-adversarial regime

CBDT Revises Targets For Collection Of Corporate Tax In FY 2018-19

The CBDT has revised the target for collection of corporation tax for FY 2018-19. The region-wise targets are also specified. The revised targets are required to be further allocated amongst the charges within the jurisdiction of the PCsIT. The target for personal income-tax has remained unchanged.

CBDT Turns Heat On 100s Of Donors Who Claimed Deduction U/s 35(1)(ii) In Bogus Donation Racket

The CBDT has launched a crackdown on 100s of alleged unscrupulous assessees who claimed deduction u/s 35(1)(ii) by making donations to alleged bogus institutions. The CBDT has provided a list of the donors and directed that in order to curb the blatant misuse of the beneficial provision, appropriate remedial action with respect to the donors should be initiated by the AOs

Unregulated Deposits Banned. Download Ordinance

The ‘Unregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance, 2019’ bans altogether unregulated deposit taking schemes. It provides for punishment and disgorgement / repayment of deposits in cases where such schemes manage to raise deposits illegally. The Ordinance has very wide implications and requires to be studied carefully by all professionals.


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