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Download CBDT Guidelines For Compounding Of Offences Under Direct Tax Laws, 2019

The CBDT has issued a directive dated 14th June 2019 in which it has specified the guidelines for compounding of offenses under section 279(2) of the Act. The Guidelines supercede the earlier guidelines on the subject. The Guidelines shall come into effect from 17.06.2019 and shall be applicable to all applications for compounding received on or after the aforesaid date. Applications received before 17.06.2019 shall continue to be dealt with in accordance with the Guidelines dated 23.12.2014

CBDT Demotes Joint Commissioners Of Income-Tax Facing Disciplinary/ Vigilance Cases

The CBDT has signalled a zero-tolerance policy towards alleged tainted officials of the Income-tax Department. It has issued an Office Order dated 11th June 2019 in which it is stated that in view of pending disciplinary/vigilance cases against four Joint Commissioners of Income Tax, the Competent Authority has decided not to extend their term of ad-hoc appointment and they are reverted to their substantive post i.e. Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax with immediate effect

CBDT Posting Orders Of Chief Commissioners Of Income Tax (CCsIT)

The CBDT has vide Order No. 116 of 2019 dated 20.05.2019 and Order No. 125 of 2019 dated 31.05.2019 ordered the posting and charges of Chief Commissioners of Income-tax (CCsIT)

CBDT Stays Oblivious To Poor GDP Growth, Stipulates Ambitious Budgetary Target For FY 2019-20

The CBDT has issued a directive dated 24.05.2019 by which it has stipulated the budgetary target for the financial year 2019-20. The Budget target for each cadre-controlling Pr. CClT has been fixed keeping in view the revenue potential of the Region. The CCsIT have been directed to allocate the targets to the field units keeping in view the past performance and revenue potential of different charges

CBDT Circular Of Clarification Regarding Definition Of “Fund Manager” U/s 9A(4)(b)

The CBDT has issued Circular No. 8 dated 10.05.2019 by which it has provided clarification regarding definition of “Fund Manager” under Section 9A(4)(b) of the Income-tax Act, 1961

CBDT Order Appointing 164 Officers As Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (ACIT)

The CBDT has vide Office Order No. 114 of 2019 dated 16.05.2019 stated that the President has appointed several officers in the grade of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (ACIT) against the vacancy year 2014-15 in Level-10 of the Pay Matrix Rs. 56100-177500/- on regular basis with immediate effect or until further order on in situ basis

CBDT Directs Dedication Of Fortnight To Clear Pendency Of Appeal Effect & Rectification

The CBDT has issued a directive dated 13th May, 2019 stipulating the dedication of a fortnight for clearing pendency of Appeal Effect and Rectification and for redressing public grievance

CBDT Order Of Postings Of Pr Chief Commissioner of Income Tax

The CBDT has vide Office Order No. 110 of 2019 dated 13.05.2019 ordered the postings of Pr Chief Commissioners of Income Tax. The CBDT has also vide Office Order No. 111 of 2019 dated 13.05.2019 specified the additional charge to be held by other high-ranking officers

Download Report Of Committee On Profit Attribution | CBDT Invites Comments

In view of the the significance of issues relating to attribution of profits to a permanent establishment as well as the need to bring greater clarity and predictability in the applicable tax regime, the CBDT had formed a Committee to examine the existing scheme of profit attribution to PE under Article 7 of DTAAs and recommend changes in Rule 10 of the Income-tax Rules, 1962. The Committee has now submitted its report. The CBDT has sought suggestions/comments of the stakeholders and the general public on the report

EC Slams CBDT For ‘Insolence’, CBDT Stays Defiant. Claims Recovery Of Rs. 280 Cr Of Black Money From Politicians

The CBDT is known to be a law unto itself. No amount of strictures from the Courts has any impact on it. Now, it has come into the bad books of the Election Commission with the latter expressing “deep sense of anguish” about the “casual and trivial” approach of the CBDT. The EC has expressed its “extreme displeasure” at the “Stark violation of established protocol


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